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Investing in furloughed employees at The Adecco Group

11 September 2020 by Heidi Marshall

Jenny Dao, Talent Aquisition Specialist at The Adecco Group, was placed on furlough when the pandemic struck and was delighted to take the opportunity offered for furloughed employees to embark on a CMI-accredited Corndel Diploma in Management.

Jenny, who has been with The Adecco Group for 4 years, works as an end-to-end recruiter – from building the business case for recruitment and writing job specifications to running meetings with stakeholders and providing consultative expertise.

While she doesn’t directly manage a team, Jenny was keen to get some formal management training to prepare her for the next stage of her career. In her role, she takes the lead in projects and therefore is indirectly managing a variety of stakeholders at any given time. Jenny is already using new leadership skills to mentor and support a new team member, and her manager has been impressed by the approach she has taken.

The programme was set up by The Adecco Group’s L&D team to engage and develop employees while on furlough. That level of investment in valued employees at such a time of upheaval has not gone unnoticed by Jenny. The course was pre-loaded with a series of group webinars, carefully designed to provide the right support at the right time. ‘I really liked the webinars at the beginning, both in terms of the content being right for the situation we were in, and also from the perspective of it offering an opportunity to speak to others from across the organisation.

I came away having had some really great conversations around topics such as personal effectiveness – and was able to build relationships with colleagues I would otherwise not have met. Due to a shared experience of furlough and all the change and uncertainty that brings, our cohort was able to support one another through returning to work as well as getting to grips with the programme content and adopting new ways of working.

During the early days of furlough, the programme kept Jenny engaged and motivated and she is looking forward to what the next 8 months will bring. Supported by her Professional Development Expert coach, and the constant flow of fresh perspective that brings, Jenny is already thinking about her leadership style when she is coaching and teaching others. She is mindful of the individual learning styles and motivations of others and is confident that the programme is already making her into a better leader.

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