Kevin Traynor, Rennie Grove Peace Hospice | The Imperial College and Corndel Data Analyst Programme

On January 16 2024, we hosted, in partnership with Imperial College Executive Education, a Data Learner Networking event at Imperial College Business School

We spoke with

Kevin Traynor, Rennie Grove Peace Hospice

“The wizard in the corner”

Kevin Traynor, a dedicated data analyst has significantly bolstered his expertise, confidence, and ability to innovate within his organisation. His newfound proficiency has established him as the go-to data expert the formidable “wizard in the corner”. His skills are now integral to driving organisational change through data-driven strategies and are pivotal in empowering teams to identify issues and implement solutions effectively, thereby enhancing the hospice’s overall capability.

Kevin’s engagement with Imperial College’s masterclasses enriched his learning experience, offering him insights into the broader implications of data usage, including the ethical considerations surrounding data and anonymity. These experiences left him invigorated for continuous learning about data analytics.

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