The Imperial College and Corndel

Business Change Professional Programme

Enabling future-focused business change professionals with emerging technologies and change leaderships skills, to steer enterprise organisations through business transformation.

The 21st century belongs to those who can master change and navigate transformation.

Create a powerful catalyst

for growth and digital innovation

The Imperial College and Corndel Business Change Professional Programme merges foundational business analysis with high-impact technological expertise. Learners emerge as leaders adept at navigating the evolving complexities of the digital business landscape.

This programme is designed for emerging business change professionals. The programme will provide expertise in how to strategically leverage AI, big data, and agile methodologies. Strategic leaders select our programme for its blend of contemporary business analysis with the latest digital trends, comprehensive stakeholder management training, and hands-on application of technologies that are essential to digital transformation success.

Learner experience

Blended, flexible delivery

Interactive workshops

Masterclasses by Imperial College academics

Fully funded using the Apprenticeship Levy

Who is the programme for?

Designed for individuals aiming to transition into roles that involve Business Analysis, designed to support a range of job titles in the digital and business change sectors. Example job titles include:

  • Operations Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Revenue Operations
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Financial Analyst
  • HR Analyst
  • Change Management Specialist
  • Business Architects

Business Impact

The Imperial College and Corndel Business Change Professional Programme will;

Streamline processes for efficient change management
ensuring businesses rapidly adapt to new requirements and maintain competitive agility
Provide tools for enhanced problem-solving
enabling learners to identify and articulate business needs and develop targeted solutions effectively
Offer insights for strategic decision-making,
aligning IT and digital projects with business goals to drive informed, forward-thinking strategies
Instil agility in business practices
teaching learners about agile methodologies to help businesses become more responsive and adaptable to market changes
Develop communication skills
necessary to convey complex business analysis concepts across diverse teams, enhancing collaboration and understanding in multi-disciplinary environments
Facilitate the acquisition of competencies in using digital tools
to drive business improvements, empowering learners with the technical proficiency needed to leverage technology for strategic advantage

Testimonials and Case Studies What people say about us

"The Corndel Data Apprenticeship has given me skills to take my work to the next level."
Corndel Learner, bp
Building a data-led organisation – Andy Key, Asda