Investing in data essentials – Matthew Sweeney, Bupa

Bupa is leading the charge to build a data-led culture across their business teams. Recognising that for the business to evolve, data literacy needs to improve across the wider organisation to truly drive impact.

Who is Matthew

Matt, is a Retrospective Payments Associate at Bupa, who has recently completed the Data Professional Level 3 programme with Corndel. Matt has been part of the Bupa team for 17 years and was motivated to upskill himself.

“I was able to recognise faults in my own working practices, and from the very beginning of the programme I could tackle these with newfound techniques which greatly improved my quality and efficiency at work.”

Personal Highlights

“Thinking on my success following achieving the Data Essentials apprenticeship I reflect on the support I was given by Corndel. The one-to-one support from my development expert alongside the well structured and manageable modules have really helped. I’ve come to appreciate the vastness of data and the techniques used to manage it, as a result, I’ve become more focused than ever on driving improvements in my team where I can share what I’ve learnt.”

Advice to other learners

Matthew is keen to encourage others to “take lead” on their personal development and recognise the “huge potential”available to them.

When you understand where data exists in your organisation and, when you’re aware of the tools that are available in using data, you come to find that it’s quite easy to gather insights that lead to positive changes. This course will help you realise your potential, and taking a lead on improvements will come naturally.

“I’ve become much more efficient, and project outcomes are delivered much quicker. I’m now taking my learning further onto the next level of data apprenticeship.”