Danielle Turner, RSPB | The Imperial College and Corndel Executive Development Programme

On December 6 2022, we hosted, in partnership with Imperial College Executive Education, an Executive Development Programme Learner Networking event at Imperial College Business School.

We spoke with

Danielle Turner, Head of Fullfillment at RSPB

As featured in The Charity Times, Danielle Turner believes;

“When you work for a charity it’s very easy to let the passion drive what you’re doing, and it can be hard to galvanise the skill you need for the workforce. I think it’s really important when you work in a charity to be an accountable leader. To run a charity well and achieve your goals you have to be a good leader and communicator, and I believe that this apprenticeship gives you all the skills and insights to do that.”

Danielle praises the Executive Leadership programme for transforming her communication and presentation style so that she gets buy-in from her wider team. She speaks to the benefits of Imperial-lead masterclasses and having a coach who is “kindly critical” when something doesn’t go to plan. She shines a light on the importance of upskilling the Third Sector so that people are empowered to drive charitable success.

You can read more about Danielle’s feature in The Charity Times here: Case Study: How an apprenticeship can leader to better leadership and management

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