Our Impact

We help solve major challenges for the world’s largest organisations by fusing the best of people and technical skills training.
We turn your knowledge

into business performance

For value-driven enterprise organisations looking for a strategic solutions partner Corndel is a multi award-winning training provider specialising in transformational learning. Revered by employers and learners, we are proven to build actionable skills that turn knowledge into performance across all levels.   

Our programmes are tailored to each client, guaranteeing the best outcome for their business. We are proud to be the UK’s most trusted provider of leadership, data, and technology programmes. We partner with world-class institutions that also strive for excellence, integrity, and inclusivity — Imperial College London and The Chartered Management Institute — to deliver exceptional skills training and high-impact one-to-one coaching.

We partner with organisations such as DataIQ  and TechSheCan to drive impactful digital transformation. As a result, we are one of the most innovative skills providers in the UK and continue to be chosen by more learners and employers each day.  

Building a data-led culture

Data shows that 53% of the working population do not have the essential digital skills needed for the workplace, and this is predicted to rise to 66% by 2030. Energy giant bp has enrolled nearly 200 UK staff onto a Corndel Data apprenticeship over the last 18 months, with impressive results – their learners are now using available technologies to work more efficiently, productively and innovatively.

Hear from Sarah McGarry, Leadership & Potential Specialist at BP.

Creating resilient, effective line managers to achieve organisational objectives

Research by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) shows approximately four out of five line managers are ‘accidental’ managers – and it’s harming productivity. Key drivers of productivity are leadership effectiveness, staff engagement, people development and continuous improvement – all skills which can be improved with the right leadership training programme.

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Building a diverse workforce

Using the Apprenticeship Levy is a strategic way to achieve diversity across your workforce. Apprenticeships can help organisations to build a more diverse workforce, by offering fully-funded workplace training opportunities across underrepresented groups. When surveyed, 23% of employers agreed that the Levy would help them build a more diverse workforce (CIPD).

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Employee retention and attraction

In 2021, the Open University reported that 74% of organisations saw increased retention because of apprenticeship programmes. Capita, a leading consulting, digital services and software business, have seen increased retention since implementing our programmes with 700 of their employees.