Degree Apprenticeships

Our newly launched degree apprenticeships enable organisations to attract, develop and retain high performing early talent equipped with the skills to solve business challenges now and in the future.

World-class Workplace training programmes

We are on a mission to align higher education with industry needs and innovation to effectively fill the UK’s skills gaps. Corndel College London (CCL) offer degree programmes and apprenticeships designed by industry that deliver measurable impact for employers and students alike. 


Meet the Corndel College London team… World-class thinkers, mentors and educators

Gareth Day
Director of Digital Curriculum

With a background in digital production and development, Gareth has worked across a variety of disciplines, ranging from software development, data analysis and the creative arts.

Gayani Fernando
Academic Module Lead

Gayani Fernando is a senior Leader with over 20 years experience in the Financial Services (Funds Management/Investment Banking/Pensions) sector.

Rachelle Andrews
Director of Leadership Curriculum

Rachelle brings a broad range of experience from both industry and academic leadership to her role as Director of Leadership Curriculum at CCL. Rachelle has 20 years experience in the Higher Education sector, most recently as the Director of the MBA Degree Apprenticeship at Manchester Metropolitan University.
Our apprenticeships

Corndel College London

Competition for highly skilled early careers talent has never been higher. Fewer young people entering the labour market equipped to solve skill shortages that impact business performance. We partner with employers to deliver exceptional degree apprenticeships that build in-demand skills for new and current employees with high potential.

Build skills that matter

Exclusive focus on professional disciplines and skills

We tackle the skills gap directly by focusing on the industry expertise most in-demand by employers, accompanied by teaching the fundamental transferable skills required to succeed in fast-paced professional roles.

Professional development experts

Highly personalised delivery by industry experts

Our highly personalised degree model is delivered by academic experts and professional development experts (PDEs) who, through unparalleled levels of one-to-one teaching, apply academic challenges and theory to professional practice, helping your employees provide immediate impact to the business.

Reach new talent

Holistic potential based recruitment

We provide a proactive, tech-enabled solution to help employers source the best talent from the broadest pool. Assessing potential and ability to learn, rather than previous academic performance, will enable you to access and activate previously untapped sources of talent.

Address skills shortages

Align skills with business strategy

Address your skills shortages head on and align staff development with business objectives and long term growth. Upskill current employees or build skills from the ground up with newly recruited early talent.

Access a wider talent pool

Increase reach and diversity

An increasing number of young people are turning their backs on traditional university in favour of a more direct route to a career. Degree apprenticeships enable employers to increase your talent pool whilst improving accessibility to a wider and more diverse range of people.