The Imperial College and Corndel

Strategic People Professional Programme

Empowering people leaders with the skills and expertise to address the strategic priorities that drive organisational performance

As a Strategic People Professional, you are the in-house expert in people, work, and change.

You drive organisational performance, growth, and effectiveness by creating optimal working environments and cultures. People leaders are pivotal in achieving business success. The impact of a strong and robust People team can’t be understated.

This 12-month programme + End Point Assessment develops advanced competencies in strategic HR management, evidence-based decision-making, and fostering inclusive and dynamic workplace cultures.

Why invest in the

Strategic People Professional Programme?

People are undoubtedly an organisation’s most valuable strategic asset, and their collective efforts can be the linchpin of a company’s competitive advantage.

At Corndel, we champion the people team’s role in driving organisational success through talent management and development strategies.

We know the world of work is continually evolving, and we’re dedicated to empowering people leaders like you with the  skills and expertise you need. This programme is equivalent to a Master’s degree and will contribute to your professional advancement.

Leading enterprise HR and L&D professionals have chosen to invest in their strategic people development with Corndel. You now have the opportunity to be the learner, experiencing first-hand the transformative impact of our comprehensive training solutions on your professional growth and strategic people capabilities. Take advantage of our unique personal coaching model and enhance your personal development.

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Learner experience

Blended, flexible delivery

Blended and flexible delivery model, access learning content in a range of formats, designed to fit around work schedules

Interactive workshops

Designed for people leadership

Unique 1-2-1 coaching model

Take advantage of our unique personal coaching model and enhance your personal development

Fully funded using the Apprenticeship Levy

Strategic People Professional Programme

Programme Overview

Strategic HR focus: Understanding the role of HR as a strategic partner in organisations, focusing on leadership, culture, and change management.

Diverse learning pathways: Offers specialisations in Human Resources, Learning and Development, and Organisational Development, each with distinct modules.

Blended learning methodology: A mix of workshops, practical exercises, and case studies enhanced by networking and collaborative learning opportunities.

Strategic skills and decision-making: Learners will gain skills in strategic management, including setting departmental direction and influencing organisational culture.

Emphasis on evidence-based practices: Engage with topical problems and solutions in today’s world of work such as the people analytics and AI.

Project management in people context: Developing project management skills tailored to people initiatives, focusing on strategic execution and stakeholder engagement.

Learner impact This programme will:

Improve project management abilities

focusing on developing robust project management and stakeholder engagement skills for strategic HR initiatives

Facilitate specialisation and diversified knowledge

in various people domains (HRM, L&D, OD) preparing learners for a range of roles

Enhance acquisition of advanced strategic skills

improving strategic people management capabilities for heightened operational effectiveness

Offer professional development and accreditation

providing the opportunity to achieve CIPD Chartered Member status upon successful completion