The Imperial College and Corndel

Data Engineer Programme

Elevating data mastery for strategic enterprise leaders

Data engineers are architects of innovative data solutions

Enabling the transformation of

complex datasets into strategic action

The Imperial College and Corndel Data Engineering Programme is designed for aspiring data engineers, providing advanced skills in data systems automation, cloud solutions, and analytics.

Uniquely responsive, this programme offers personalised coaching that cultivates not just data engineers, but future leaders in data strategy. This apprenticeship is uniquely designed for data engineers to develop their unique skillset alongside complementary human skills, maximising investment and contributing to behaviour change and cultural shift across your organisation.

Learner experience

Blended, flexible delivery

Interactive workshops

Masterclasses by Imperial College academics

Fully funded using the Apprenticeship Levy

Who is the programme for?

Those seeking to upskill and transition into a more specialised, technical role as a Data Engineer.

Example job titles include:

  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • IT Support Technician
  • Systems Administrators
  • Software Developers
  • Dev Ops Engineers
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Developers
  • Database Administrator (DBAs)

Business Impact

The Imperial College and Corndel Data Engineer Programme will;

Increase efficiency
by automating data handling, which speeds up many processes and allows employees to focus on more strategic tasks
Enhance decision-making
through improved data acquisition and enrichment, improving access to accurate and diverse information for more informed decision-making
Improve flexibility and adaptability
by enabling the processing of various sources and different data formats making organisations more adaptable to different types of data needs and scenarios
Maximise risk mitigation
by improving resilience and disaster recovery capabilities, reducing the risk of data loss or operational downtime and safeguarding the organisation’s interests in the face of unforeseen challenges
Enable learners to clearly communicate
complex data engineering concepts to diverse audiences and efficiently manage change within projects, ensuring that technical skills are effectively applied to meet organisational objectives and drive project success
Develop advance skills
in building and optimising data pipelines

Testimonials and Case Studies What people say about us

"The Corndel Data Apprenticeship has given me skills to take my work to the next level."
Corndel Learner, bp
Building a data-led organisation – Andy Key, Asda