Closing the Gender Gap: Organon’s HER Leadership Programme


Organon’s leaders embarked on a bespoke Leadership Development Programme with the global women’s pharmaceutical company Organon. Their 12-week Corndel Custom Solutions programme has been an incredible success.

Nicola Barr, Strategic Capabilities Lead (UK ENI) at Organon, explains the driving force and impact behind this unique training solution.

"We are passionate about ensuring our current and future leaders have the skills and capabilities to meet the organisation's mission to deliver impactful medicines and solutions for a healthier every day.

As an organisation specifically focusing on female health, supporting our female leaders in their development, health, and well-being is important to us. When designing our bespoke leadership programme, we focused on Organon's six values, ensuring the programme supported the growth of the behaviours and skills associated with our values.

The HER Leadership programme with Corndel enabled our leaders to understand themselves through the lens of their strengths and authenticity. By undertaking a truly blended learning approach, this programme supported leaders to courageously approach new challenges and situations with their unique and enhanced skills. As a result, we have seen a positive shift in confidence and a tendency to lean into challenges, being their authentic selves."

Empowering women leaders: Organon’s commitment to gender diversity and inclusion

We are delighted to share the success of Organon’s HER Leadership programme, which focuses on women’s health and championing women at the top of their organisation.

Organon, a global pharmaceutical company, recognises the importance of gender diversity in leadership and is taking steps to achieve this. In 2022, Organon partnered with Corndel to design and deliver a 12-week leadership development programme over four months, underpinned by Organon’s organisational values and objectives, including inclusivity and authenticity. The HER Leadership Programme focuses on embedding new learning, habits and mindsets that will empower women and men in their roles, contribute to the organisation’s success, and make room for women at the top of leadership.

A values-first approach to leadership development programmes

To create a leadership programme that truly met the needs of Organon’s leaders, Corndel engaged in consultation with various stakeholders across the business. This approach ensured that the programme was tailored to the needs of the learners and aligned with Organon’s wider business objectives and values.

The feedback gathered during the consultation process was used to shape the content and delivery of the programme.

Rising together

Learners took part in a Leadership Programme, unlike anything they had experienced before. The flow and integration of personal study, in combination with masterclasses, habit-building missions, coaching sessions, 360 strengths assessment + workshop, networking events and ongoing mentoring, enabled learners to upskill and embed new learning, habits and mindsets. This learning model had a significant impact on learners.

Organon’s HER Leadership Programme is an example to all organisations looking to address the gender imbalance and create a more diverse and inclusive workplace, contributing to the rising tide of empowered female leaders. Congratulations to all learners on their successful completion!

We asked Organon learners In which areas has your confidence increased the most?

"Using techniques to strengthen own and others’ resilience by saying respectfully ‘no’."
"Being curious and having an entrepreneurial and visionary leadership mindset."
"Displaying inclusive and authentic leadership."
"Managing multiple priorities and giving feedback in a constructive and efficient manner."
"Utilising personal presence to make a positive impact."
"Receiving feedback and using resilience techniques in my work."


Carly Churchill

Head of Women’s Health Marketing (UK & ENI Cluster), Organon

“I found the course transformational, beyond what I expected.

I didn’t expect the course to be set up in such a blended way; there is a lot of self-learning through weekly missions complemented by masterclasses, mentoring and coaching. These were all layered on top of two reports, allowing you to lean into those missions and conversations and identify your strengths and areas you would like to focus on.

I am very grateful and feel very privileged for the self-reflection and insight The HER Leadership course has offered me. This is the first course where I know my learnings will be permanent.”

Veronica Svanes

Nordic Sales and Brand Manager, Organon

“The HER Leadership programme has guided me in becoming a better leader!

The mission we had about resilience was very inspiring. You often face situations that you either dislike or feel uncomfortable in. Instead of continuing to have those feelings, you can turn it around, change your mindset, visualise success, and get a better experience. We also learnt about two-way communication, the art of saying no, managing time, and emotional intelligence.

After this programme, I reflected on my strengths and weaknesses and how I can best utilise these in collaboration with my team.”

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