Use the Apprenticeship Levy to coach your managers and drive sustainable change

01 March 2018 by Isla Lightfoot

How many times have you seen managers come back from the latest development programme, a burst at a leading management school, bright eyed and enlightened, euphoric in the knowledge that at long last the veil of management mystic has been lifted and the latest pearls of management wisdom has been bestowed upon them? And how often have you seen those same managers 6 weeks later revert to the cynical bemoaning manager so recognisable before they embarked on the latest management development initiative?

Teaching Alone Doesn't Stick

Why is it that no matter how good the teaching, how robust the content and however thick the take away course materials are, most management development initiatives do not result in long term permanent change in behaviour? The interventions are simply not sustainable. The reason is that “teaching” in isolation does not stick. Human cognitive processes simply do not respond well to being “told”. The pressures of daily work life override the learnings.

Effective Development Endures

Effective development which endures over time and results in permanent change requires ongoing support. This is why some more progressive training providers such as Corndel have blended strong training content with professional coaching. Coaching is the perfect complement to training, ensuring that there is a sustained change in behaviour.

Whereas training provides technical content and new skills, coaching is a continuing process of self-discovery, a facilitated goal-orientated methodology. The two approaches work in harmony ensuring that a manager stays focused on the change and with ongoing coaching support the new skills are embedded. The process of relating, listening, questioning, and reflecting in a non-directive way, drives home self-accountability for lasting change.

Blended Learning is Key

Management and leadership development through an approved Apprenticeship scheme lasts 12 – 18 months. Through a blended combination of teaching and coaching we have seen enduring and sustainable change in management performance. Coaching when done professionally is a powerful methodology for sustaining learning and at Corndel it is an integral and vital part of the development of the managers and leaders of tomorrow.

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