Apprenticeship Levy

Making the case for High Quality Apprenticeships

29 May 2019

In this week’s Education Investor, our CEO Sean, makes the case for High Quality Apprenticeships and challenges the view that Apprenticeships are an either/or with regards to training new or existing staff.

Sean champions the Corndel philosophy that brilliant training across every role, from entry through to CEO, is a cornerstone to the success of the Apprenticeship Levy.

The number of Apprenticeship starts since the introduction of the Levy, doesn’t paint a full picture. Sean explains, “Three million low-quality starts in fields where there is no progression for learners and no career prospects is much, much worse than one million starts in high-quality, high-value training that genuinely improves a learner’s productivity and prospects,”

Lower Starts, traded in return for much higher-quality apprenticeships, is “a very good trade to make” and is certainly one of the best developments that we have seen since the introduction of the Levy, in 2017.

Sean asks the fundamental question: “Would the UK rather have three million shelf-stacking apprenticeships, or 1.5 million data analytics apprenticeships?”

You can read the full article here.

Since the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy in 2017, Corndel has championed changing the status quo, from delivering low-quality entry-level Apprenticeship training to a focus on high quality, brilliant training at all levels. We work with the best course writers to develop bespoke training; our brilliant coaches deliver over 300 hours of one to one training a day; the Government commissioned Mori survey rated us at 100% employer satisfaction. We are the fastest growing Apprenticeship training provider in the country with over 100 clients and 2,000 learners currently taking our courses.  Find out more about why M&S, Asda, UBS, Compass, CMI and 100 others, like working with us. Get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.


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