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Importance of training while on furlough

12 May 2020 by Isla Lightfoot

The Government’s Job Retention Scheme has been extended to October. Furloughed staff can not only continue on Levy-Funded training courses, they can also start them to develop their skills for the post-crisis world.

Learners currently on Levy-funded programmes can continue on those programmes. This is an opportunity to use furlough time to keep skills up-to-date and to potentially retrain for a post-furlough change of role. The Government is actively encouraging employers to allow furloughed employees to continue on their Levy-funded training.

Furloughed employees who are not already on a Levy-funded programme can start a new apprenticeship programme while on furlough to develop their skills. This is a great way of staying in touch with furloughed employees, up-skilling them in preparation for their return to work and demonstrating a continued commitment to them as individuals.

Training providers are actively adapting their programmes to deliver learning to apprentices remotely. For Corndel, where all programmes were already built around virtual coaching sessions, it’s a seamless shift to providing the same high quality, people-based, activities in an online format.

Training providers are also expanding and evolving their curricula to teach the new skills needed in this changed world of work.

If a learner on a Levy-Funded programme is made redundant they are eligible for three to six months of support from their training provider to help them to find a new job. Corndel has created our Outplacement Support service to support learners who are made redundant through this unsettling and anxious time.

Learners who have been made redundant can continue on their apprenticeship, fully funded for 12 weeks. If they haven’t secured a new role during this time, the apprenticeship will be suspended until they find a new job. Upon acceptance of a new role learners can continue their apprenticeship, providing it is still linked to their new role and their new employer is willing to transfer the training using their Levy.

Learning & Development teams can use Levy-funded apprenticeship programmes to support colleagues at risk of redundancy or furlough. Corndel has a furlough assistance programme with training tailored to the needs of furloughed employees.

Learning & Development teams can also use their Apprenticeship Levy to reskill employees whilst on furlough. This is particularly relevant for reskilling in technology such as DevOps, Data Analytics and Software Engineering – areas that have previously been vacancy hotspots. The Government is encouraging companies to look at how they can redeploy and upskill their committed workforce, using their Levy tax. Technology apprenticeships, such as those taught at Corndel, have intensive bootcamps to get specialised technology teams up and running with basic skillset within weeks. Find out more: DevOpsData Analytics, Software Engineering.

The Government is encouraging employers to speak to their training providers about the new developments. Here at Corndel we are always happy to have an informal discussion with Learning & Development and Apprenticeship Leads to offer our perspective and insights into how our clients are adapting.

The full published Government guidelines are available here.

Corndel has created a publicly available Support and Resources Hub to help organisations and learners navigate these challenging times. Please feel free to browse. This hub is updated continuously through this period.

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