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The Economic Case for Flexibility – a Case Study

26 November 2019 by Isla Lightfoot

How do you find people who:

1)      Have lived experience of being top-level managers?

2)      Are skilled mentors and coaches?

3)      You can afford to employ?

This was the question that we asked ourselves at Corndel when we were building our leadership and management academy.

We would not compromise in any of these areas.

We believe that to be credible as a Leadership Trainer you need to have lived experience of being a leader. Leadership and Management are not theoretical disciplines – they are practical ones that require practical experience.

However, employing people who have been good leaders themselves is not sufficient. To be a great imparter of leadership abilities people need mentoring, coaching and tutoring skills.

If money is no object, then you can pay astronomical salaries and outbid the rest of the market for this rare combination of abilities. But in the real world, we are constrained on what we can afford to pay by cold commercial reality.

The answer, for Corndel, was to radically redesign the Leadership Trainer role to make it hyper-flexible.

Corndel, (for the most part), replaced face-to-face classroom teaching with one-to-one coaching via videoconferencing. This allows our people to work from home at a time that suits them and their learners.

Corndel abandoned outdated models that said that people had to work full-time and embraced part-time working. The majority of Corndel’s staff work three days a week.

Corndel abolished fixed holiday. We replaced it with a system where employees can take holiday whenever they want as long as their learners and customers are happy.

Corndel put in a management philosophy that measures outcomes not presenteeism. Are learners happy? Are customers happy? Are learners progressing? Are we making an impact? Are we regulatory compliant? These are the things that matter – not being sat at a desk ten hours a day.

Corndel found that the flexibility that we offered attracted amazing candidates and that we were able to find people with great leadership experience and top-level teaching and coaching skills.

Although all of our staff could earn higher salaries working in inflexible corporate treadmills, they are prepared to sacrifice a little bit in salary in return for a great working environment and hyper-flexibility. There is a real economic benefit to Corndel of providing a good work-life balance. And, of course, we are a much happier place to work.

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