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The Business Associate Level 3 Programme is live

26 October 2021

On 29 September, we launched the Business Associate Level 3 Apprenticeship, with our first cohort bringing together learners from organisations including The Adecco Group, Airtanker, Bidwells and Qunatuma.

This brand-new programme enables young professionals to learn fundamental business skills, giving them a head start in their careers and setting them up to become proactive, confident and resilient employees.

Learners will leave the programme confident in their ability to communicate effectively, work collaboratively, solve business challenges, manage priorities and utilise digital tools. They will also have the opportunity to lead a small project and reflect on their ongoing personal and professional development. By establishing a mindset of personal development ownership early on, these learners will be paving the way for lifelong learning and future proofing their careers.

Upon successful completion of the programme, learners are awarded with a Level 3 Apprenticeship in Business Administration, as well as the Corndel Level 3 Business Associate Diploma.

The programme has been purposefully designed for this early career audience, comprising bite-sized e-learning components. This encourages our learners to embed new knowledge through not only reading, listening and watching, but also completing interactive games and quizzes.

Learners attend fortnightly Group Sessions, giving them the opportunity to evaluate and cement the learning from their e-learning modules. These are held in small groups, with a focus on teamwork and interactivity. In these sessions, we utilise collaborative online tools, in order to give our younger, digitally adept learners the best experience. We have implemented the use of an online whiteboarding tool, which allows us to build interactive activities and tasks for learner to collaborate in real-time.

Our brilliant Professional Development Experts, Lucie Fitton and Lisa Dunks share their experience of the new programme.

Lucie Fitton: 'We are one month into the first Business Associate cohort and already I can observe how powerful the combination of whole cohort workshops, online digital learning, one-to-one coaching sessions and highly interactive small group sessions is motivating and supporting our younger learners. Many are new to the workplace and a business environment. They are finding opportunities for both one-to-one support and the group session social experiences really engaging. We forget how overwhelming and new the workplace can be when you are in that early stage of your career - so our programme's equal emphasis on knowledge and skills, as well as workplace behaviours and personal development is having a tangible impact.'

Lisa Dunks: "We are now live! Each element of the Business Associate programme is interactive and engaging. The small challenge-based group sessions are a great opportunity for collaboration between the learners. We’re incorporating gamification as a way to strengthen the social bond between each cohort, as well as supporting knowledge retention. Perhaps most exciting is the coaching that our leaners have access to – an enviable opportunity in such an early stage of their careers. –This is certainly something I wish I’d had when I first entered the workplace. Each step of the Business Associate Programme is equipping them with the skills, knowledge and behaviours needed in the work environment. I’m looking forward to watching our learners grow and develop throughout the programme."

We are very excited to be launching several more cohorts in the coming months.

Alice McGeever, Director of Business Associate Curriculum

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