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Enhance Organisational Agility

Change begins with people. We work with organisations to master fast-paced change by empowering their people to lead, adapt, and innovate. By developing resilience through dynamic change management and emerging technology skills, your team can transform disruption into strategic advantages.

Thrive amidst fast-paced change

In a world where change is the only constant, businesses must pivot and make decisions amidst economic, political, and technological shifts to survive.

Empowering individuals to lead, adapt, and innovate to meet shifting consumer demand is critical. Embracing data-driven change and agile approaches builds resilience and dynamic change management processes. Strategic leadership in complex organisations is vital for navigating change such as disruption caused by Generative AI. By fostering these capabilities, businesses can thrive in an ever-evolving landscape. This will set an organisation apart, achieving unparalleled agility and performance even in an unpredictable climate. 

Change begins with people

Drive change and stay ahead in today’s VUCA environment. Harvard Business Review highlights that resilient businesses outperform their competitors in turmoil. PwC’s latest CEO survey indicates 45% of leaders fear their companies may not last a decade without adaptation. 

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Cultivating organisational agility across all intersections of business

Our commitment is transforming your organisation into a beacon of agility and adaptability. Here’s our strategic blueprint to guide you there:

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Our approach to transformation

Loved by learners, trusted by employers

As the UK’s only large-scale training provider rated “excellent” by learners and employers, our coaching-led approach creates deep, behavioural change that transforms organisational culture. Our diverse team of in-house senior-level coaches and consultants will leverage their rich industry experience in leadership, data and tech to enhance the skills within your organisation. 

Strategic skills development

Levy-funded, scalable solutions for a broader impact ensures that your investment in talent development is maximised, making skills development across all areas of your business effective and efficient. Our programmes are designed to have a broad impact, enabling your organisation to grow and adapt in the face of change. 

Tailored behaviour change solutions with the Custom Solutions team are designed to be deeply integrated within your business for immediate and applicable effect. Serving global clients, we ensure our strategies are effective across diverse markets and organisational structures, delivering impactful results on a global scale. 

Building in-house capability

At Corndel, we build your in-house capability with our own expert coaches through behaviour change programmes. Unlike other providers, we do not outsource our coaching services. This ensures a consistent, high-quality learning experience tailored to your organisation’s needs. 

Our programmes are designed to foster true expertise within your organisation. With over 160+ in-house expert coaches, our diverse team includes a data and technology division composed of 50% women. 

Leadership and management expert coaches: 

  • 43% hold a master’s level qualification in a business-critical subject 
  • Our coaches bring an impressive average of 17 years of industry experience in leadership and management roles 
  • 82% possess an undergraduate teaching qualification or higher, ensuring high-impact learning 

Data expert coaches: 

  • 37% have earned a PhD in a STEM subject, highlighting their deep technical expertise. 
  • 60% hold a master’s level qualification in a STEM subject, preparing them to tackle complex data challenges 
  • These coaches bring an average of 13 years of industry experience in data-centric roles 
  • 40% have an undergraduate teaching qualification or higher, equipping them to effectively transfer complex data skills 

By investing in our in-house team, we ensure that our clients receive unparalleled coaching and development, driving real and lasting improvements within their organisation. 

Partnerships for success

Our partnership with leading academic and professional institutions like Imperial College London and Corndel College London (CCL) amplify our rigour and excellence. These partnerships bring cutting-edge industry and academic insights to our programmes, providing your workforce with unparalleled expertise and innovative learning experiences. 

Meet our expert coaches… They combine decades of industry experience with world-class pedagogy

Jina Melnyk

An experienced MD, CFO & senior leadership executive with a passion in developing other executives to be their best selves, challenging them to do the unexpected, and building their confidence. Jina and her team have a track record in equipping leaders with the capabilities and skills necessary to meet organisational objectives in today’s challenging times. In doing so, leaders transform themselves, others and the business. Professional background and experience Jina is the Managing Director for Corndel Advance, developing and executing the strategies for Corndel’s bespoke leadership and data training programmes. With significant previous senior executive experience, Jina has an innate understanding of the challenges her clients face, and what it means to lead and run a top-flight business, in a changing marketplace. Jina is a former Chief Financial Officer for companies in the pharmaceutical data and market research industry. She led teams through periods of high growth and change, operated at board level and worked on several company transactions. She worked in a Big 4 accountancy firm and in financial services, working with clients on large-scale engagements, deploying teams and resources. As Jina herself says, “I understand what it takes to work under considerable pressure and overcome mistakes and obstacles, which is challenging whilst raising a family.” Jina enjoys working with clients who want to re-energise their workforce for greater engagement and productivity; clients who want to create more empathic leaders; clients who want to retain their top talent and support leaders in interpreting and leading in a data-rich world.

Lotti Kierkegaard

Qualified and highly experienced trainer, coach and facilitator who has 1000s of hours of experience in facilitation and 1-2-1 and group coaching. Lotti’s expertise in learning and development are greatly enhanced by her lived experience of project management and leadership gained through her time as a senior leader in large media companies. Professional background and experience As a coach and facilitator, Lotti has worked with leaders in the UK and internationally across a wide range of industries, including media, fast-moving consumer goods, finance,  and the public sector. She focuses on building trusting and listening relationships, aiming to create an environment of discovery, and her approach combines critical, reflective, and intellectual rigour with innovation, joy, and insight. She has a particular interest in change at both the individual and system levels. Lotti’s expertise in learning and development is greatly enhanced by her lived experience of project management and leadership. She has held senior positions in large, flagship media companies, including Head of Social media for Virgin, and has successfully delivered a broad range of projects, from training programmes to digital strategy, for clients across a variety of sectors, including the media, NHS, fast-moving consumer goods and charities. Lotti is fluent in both Swedish and English, and her clients within Corndel Advance come from leadership positions across Europe in a variety of multi-national corporations. Her background working with global stakeholders gives her unique insight into a range of functions and sectors.

Gareth Day

With a background in digital production and development, Gareth has worked across a variety of disciplines, ranging from software development, data analysis and the creative arts. Passionate about digital technology, in particular the relationship between technology and creativity, he is a keen advocate for the use of digital technologies to promote change, innovation and entrepreneurship. Gareth holds an MRes in Digital Art & Technology gaining a distinction from the University of Plymouth i-DAT, where he specialised in the capture, visualisation and analysis of geospatial and biometric data for predictive pattern analysis in road safety. Gareth has close to 20 years experience managing, designing, developing and delivering technical education in both the further and higher education sectors. Gareth has contributed to the development of digital skills at national level, working with a number of employers and educational institutions to promote the development of digital skills.

Our case studies: discover how organisations excel with our skills training

"We have such a talented workforce, but we’ve grown as a business through lots of acquisitions where we’ve bolted on different businesses into a group. There’s never really been any integration or formal development for people managers, many of whom came from different backgrounds. We wanted to support this population of people."
Laura Porter, Talent and Development Manager, James Fisher & Sons Plc
Navigating Transformation at James Fisher & Sons Plc