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Enable Digital Transformation

We work with organisations to enable digital transformation by addressing crucial skills gap and empowering your workforce with digital fluency, data analysis, data engineering, DevOps and software engineering skills. Our approach focuses on developing business-ready expertise, fostering a culture of innovation and organisational buy-in, developing your own in-house specialists to enhance your digital capabilities.

Bridge the skills gap and transform your workforce

For decades, digital transformation has remained an organisational challenge, becoming a never-ending project. At the heart of achieving digital fluency and driving change is a singular linchpin – your people. 

The pressing issue of digital transformation stems from more than just the need to keep up with AI and rapid technological change; it is about recognising the skills gaps in technical expertise, widespread digital fluency and change leadership. This skills gap is a significant factor in the failure of 69% of digital transformation projects (McKinsey), suggesting that a greater focus on the human aspect of digital transformation is required. Addressing this issue becomes a strategic imperative, crucial for fostering innovation and customer experience excellence. 

Why digital transformation cannot wait

Digital transformation is urgent. Many organisations face workforce skepticism about the need for new digital skills, yet global spending on digital technologies is projected to hit $3.9 trillion by 2027 (IDC). It’s not a question of if, but how your organisation will adapt to the digital era. 

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Empowering organisations with digital fluency

We understand the challenges organisations face in becoming digitally enabled. Many perceive the journey towards digital transformation as daunting, clouded by ambiguity around the value of digital and data skills. Our strategy is designed to demystify digital transformation and make it an attainable goal through three pivotal pillars:

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Our approach to transformation

Loved by learners, trusted by employers

As the UK’s only large-scale training provider rated “excellent” by learners and employers, our coaching-led approach creates deep, behavioural change that transforms organisational culture. Our diverse team of in-house senior-level coaches and consultants will leverage their rich industry experience in leadership, data and tech to enhance the skills within your organisation. 

Strategic skills development

Levy-funded, scalable solutions for a broader impact ensures that your investment in talent development is maximised, making skills development across all areas of your business effective and efficient. Our programmes are designed to have a broad impact, enabling your organisation to grow and adapt in the face of change. 

Tailored behaviour change solutions with the Custom Solutions team are designed to be deeply integrated within your business for immediate and applicable effect. Serving global clients, we ensure our strategies are effective across diverse markets and organisational structures, delivering impactful results on a global scale. 

Building in-house capability

At Corndel, we build your in-house capability with our own expert coaches through behaviour change programmes. Unlike other providers, we do not outsource our coaching services. This ensures a consistent, high-quality learning experience tailored to your organisation’s needs. 

Our programmes are designed to foster true expertise within your organisation. With over 160+ in-house expert coaches, our diverse team includes a data and technology division composed of 50% women. 

Leadership and management expert coaches: 

  • 43% hold a master’s level qualification in a business-critical subject 
  • Our coaches bring an impressive average of 17 years of industry experience in leadership and management roles 
  • 82% possess an undergraduate teaching qualification or higher, ensuring high-impact learning 

Data expert coaches: 

  • 37% have earned a PhD in a STEM subject, highlighting their deep technical expertise. 
  • 60% hold a master’s level qualification in a STEM subject, preparing them to tackle complex data challenges 
  • These coaches bring an average of 13 years of industry experience in data-centric roles 
  • 40% have an undergraduate teaching qualification or higher, equipping them to effectively transfer complex data skills 

By investing in our in-house team, we ensure that our clients receive unparalleled coaching and development, driving real and lasting improvements within their organisations. 

Partnerships for success

Our partnership with leading academic and professional institutions like Imperial College London and Corndel College London (CCL) amplify our rigour and excellence. These partnerships bring cutting-edge industry and academic insights to our programmes, providing your workforce with unparalleled expertise and innovative learning experiences. 

Meet our expert coaches… They combine decades of industry experience with world-class pedagogy

Anneka Ariyo

Question: What strategies do you recommend for developing interdisciplinary skills, especially for women in STEM looking to broaden their expertise?  “Having navigated diverse industries I understand how important it is for STEM professionals to identify and cultivate interdisciplinary skills. Women in STEM should embrace the T-shaped professional model, deepening expertise in one area while fostering a broad understanding of interconnected fields. As women in STEM, we should acknowledge our unique contributions while collaborating with mentors and peers to gain further insights and guidance. Take calculated risks to propel yourself forward, transforming challenges into opportunities. Actively engage in projects aligning with our strengths and building a robust network. Furthermore, embrace new and unfamiliar endeavours to develop the flexibility and agility needed to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of STEM. Aim high, look ahead and set ambitious goals.” Bio: Anneka Ariyo is renowned for her strategic acumen in utilising data to enhance business profitability across the UK, EU, and North America. Her decade-long career spans roles as a Retail Trader and Data Specialist, where she has excelled in using data for revenue growth and budget management in the retail sector. Anneka’s prowess in process control, risk management, and data analysis has led to reversing departmental financial downturns and implementing efficiency-boosting automation. Holding a BSc in Social Policy & Politics, Anneka is skilled in various software tools, including SAP, JDA, SQL, and Python, underpinning her success in forecasting and market analysis. Her achievements include turning a loss-making department into a top profit generator and slashing process times by 60% through automation.

Gareth Day

With a background in digital production and development, Gareth has worked across a variety of disciplines, ranging from software development, data analysis and the creative arts. Passionate about digital technology, in particular the relationship between technology and creativity, he is a keen advocate for the use of digital technologies to promote change, innovation and entrepreneurship. Gareth holds an MRes in Digital Art & Technology gaining a distinction from the University of Plymouth i-DAT, where he specialised in the capture, visualisation and analysis of geospatial and biometric data for predictive pattern analysis in road safety. Gareth has close to 20 years experience managing, designing, developing and delivering technical education in both the further and higher education sectors. Gareth has contributed to the development of digital skills at national level, working with a number of employers and educational institutions to promote the development of digital skills.

Kawtar Belmkaddem

Kawtar Belmkaddem has a Ph.D in Electronic Engineering with experience in Applied Research and Development. She has expereince in Telecom, Electronics & Semiconductors, Retail. She has worked as Hardware Antenna Engineer and Data Scientist (Software Engineering).

Our case studies: discover how organisations excel with our skills training

We embarked on our data analytics journey a couple of years ago. We had many enthusiastic and talented analysts, but they were spread across different departments without a centralised data warehouse. It has been a brilliant journey, setting up a small centre of excellence, bringing Hallmark along for the ride, and delivering substantial value to the business. Our primary goal is to make everyone across the entire business aware of how they use data, encourage them to optimise its usage, utilise existing tools, and understand how to extract even more value from it.
Mike Durrant,Head of Data Analytics at Hallmark
Connecting the Dots: The Journey to a Data-Driven Future at Hallmark
Data is a topic that can be quite elusive and it’s incredibly rare for individuals, especially those not in a “data” role to invest in their development as the day job takes over. This apprenticeship programme has uplifted both the capability and confidence of each apprentice, in turn adding immense value to our business. Corndel’s support, guidance, technical expertise and credibility have been instrumental throughout our journey and we’re looking forward to building on the successful of first programme with our next group of Hallmarkers in 2025.
Claire Flowers-Warner, Talent and Resourcing Partner at Hallmark UK & Ireland
The Apprenticeship Advantage: Unlocking Tech Talent at Chubb Fire & Security
“Our apprentice, Farhan, went away on the Corndel boot camp and came back a different person. Suddenly, all the technical jargon we were throwing around, he understood. We had planned to start with basic test projects, but it became apparent that we were wasting time. He needed to be challenged with more complex tasks. The difference was significant."
James Atherton, Development Manager at Chubb Fire and Security
“I understand how to make data-based decisions. Before, we never really based our decisions on data at all; it was very much gut instinct.”
Emma Liney, Claire House Children’s Hospice
Emma Liney, Claire House Children’s Hospice | The Imperial College and Corndel Data-Driven Professional Programme