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Cultivate Strategic Leadership and Effective Management

We work with organisations to dismantle barriers to high performance and cultural transformation. By elevating critical human and tech skills, we empower your people to navigate and thrive in a rapidly changing world. Our approach enhances organisational performance through strategic, data-driven leadership and effective management, creating leaders proficient in human skills, data and AI. This comprehensive strategy ensures your organisation remains resilient and competitive.

Drive high-performance and cultural change

Ineffective leadership and accidental management are impacting productivity for many organisations. Dismantling these blockers will pave the way for a high-performance culture that elevates organisational performance, enhances employee engagement and retention and ultimately drives profound cultural change. 

Developing a strong leadership pipeline is central to this transformation, ensuring leadership skills are honed for maximum impact. 

Elevate critical human skills to lead in a changing world

Boost your team’s effectiveness in a rapidly changing world. Leadership training has been shown to enhance productivity by 25% and decision-making accuracy by 20% (Center for Creative Leadership). Despite this, 82% of managers take on leadership roles without formal training, creating “rigid, reluctant, demoralising” work environments (CMI). 

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Embedding leadership skills into your organisation

We are dedicated to breaking the ineffective leadership and management cycle by fostering a high-performance culture through our market leading behaviour change programmes. We embed human and technical skills within your organisation, a systemic approach to leadership development that will have an impact: 

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Our approach to transformation

Loved by learners, trusted by employers

As the UK’s only large-scale training provider rated “excellent” by learners and employers, our coaching-led approach creates deep, behavioural change that transforms organisational culture. Our diverse team of in-house senior-level coaches and consultants will leverage their rich industry experience in leadership, data and tech to enhance the skills within your organisation. 

Strategic skills development

Levy-funded, scalable solutions for a broader impact ensures that your investment in talent development is maximised, making skills development across all areas of your business effective and efficient. Our programmes are designed to have a broad impact, enabling your organisation to grow and adapt in the face of change. 

Tailored behaviour change solutions with the Custom Solutions team are designed to be deeply integrated within your business for immediate and applicable effect. Serving global clients, we ensure our strategies are effective across diverse markets and organisational structures, delivering impactful results on a global scale. 

Building in-house capability

At Corndel, we build your in-house capability with our own expert coaches through behaviour change programmes. Unlike other providers, we do not outsource our coaching services. This ensures a consistent, high-quality learning experience tailored to your organisation’s needs. 

Our programmes are designed to foster true expertise within your organisation. With over 160+ in-house expert coaches, our diverse team includes a data and technology division composed of 50% women. 

Leadership and management expert coaches: 

  • 43% hold a master’s level qualification in a business-critical subject 
  • Our coaches bring an impressive average of 17 years of industry experience in leadership and management roles 
  • 82% possess an undergraduate teaching qualification or higher, ensuring high-impact learning 

Data expert coaches: 

  • 37% have earned a PhD in a STEM subject, highlighting their deep technical expertise. 
  • 60% hold a master’s level qualification in a STEM subject, preparing them to tackle complex data challenges 
  • These coaches bring an average of 13 years of industry experience in data-centric roles 
  • 40% have an undergraduate teaching qualification or higher, equipping them to effectively transfer complex data skills 

 By investing in our in-house team, we ensure that our clients receive unparalleled coaching and development, driving real and lasting improvements within their organisations. 

Partnerships for success

Our partnership with leading academic and professional institutions like Imperial College London and Corndel College London (CCL) amplify our rigour and excellence. These partnerships bring cutting-edge industry and academic insights to our programmes, providing your workforce with unparalleled expertise and innovative learning experiences. 

Meet our expert coaches… They combine decades of industry experience with world-class pedagogy

Helen Martin

Helen Martin has over 30 years’ experience in professional and financial services, and technology. She holds an MSc. in Coaching and Behavioural Change, is a certified Business Psychologist and is a member of the Association for Coaching. Helen is a school governor and is a non-exec Director at a social housing association.

Andy Chell

Andy Chell is a leadership professional with a strong pedigree in turning around toxic organisations. Andy has worked as a Operations Director, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer in manufacturing, education, sales, and marketing sectors. Andy is qualified with HNC Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Level 7 Leadership & Management, National Professional Qualification in Executive Leadership and Level 7 Coaching and Mentoring.

Andene Rodney

Andene Rodney is an accomplished HR professional with 25+ years of experience spanning the public, private, and third sectors. A Fellow of the CIPD and the Institute of Training & Occupational Learning, she excels in HR consultancy, coaching, and training. Andene has a strong academic background with an MSc in Human Resources from South Bank University and a BA Hons in Business Studies from Greenwich University. She is skilled in managing re-organisations, performance and developing competency frameworks, evidenced by her success in various senior management roles. As an Independent Panel Member for the Judicial Appointments Commission and an Employer Panel Member for Employment Tribunals, Andene’s expertise extends to legal and ethical aspects of HR. Her career demonstrates a commitment to delivering the best HR practices and driving change in the public and private sectors.

Our case studies: discover how organisations excel with our skills training

"Corndel is now so embedded into our team that they are an extension of it, rather than a provider."
Learning Advisor, Finance Corporation
Leading The Way: An Inside Look at a Finance Corporation’s Strategies for Leadership Development 
"I valued the diversity workshop the most. It was interesting and helpful to use as a lens to reflect on my team. It was a great experience and helped give me tools to become more conscious about myself and impact others."
Learner, Finance Corporation