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Build a Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive Workforce

Are you empowering everyone? We partner with enterprise organisations to build a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workforce that mirrors the diverse world we live in. By integrating DE&I into your operational DNA, we develop diverse talent pipelines and cultivate empathy to enhance growth and innovation. Our initiatives include women in leadership programmes and the NHS Healthcare Leaders Fellowship to promote career progressions for Black, Asian or minority ethnic staff, ensuring that all voices are heard and represented at every level.

Unlock unparalleled growth and innovation

In the rapidly evolving global market, the key to unlocking unparalleled growth and innovation lies in cultivating a workforce that mirrors the diverse fabric of society.  

Despite the clear advantages of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) being widely acknowledged, many organisations still grapple with effectively embedding these principles into their operational DNA. While 9 in 10 HR leaders view social mobility as a critical component of their company’s DE&I strategy, only 62% actively measure its impact (Corndel & Opinium). McKinsey’s research further highlights the tangible benefits of diversity, revealing that companies in the top quartile for gender diversity on executive teams are 25% more likely to achieve above-average profitability. 

Are you empowering everyone?

As the world becomes more diverse, so too must our workplaces. Bridging the gap in DE&I capabilities is essential for limitless organisational success. 

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Building blocks for a diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce

Our mission is to partner with you, ensuring diversity, equity, and inclusion is the bedrock of your organisation. Here’s how:

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Our approach to transformation

Loved by learners, trusted by employers

As the UK’s only large-scale training provider rated “excellent” by learners and employers, our coaching-led approach creates deep, behavioural change that transforms organisational culture. Our diverse team of in-house senior-level coaches and consultants will leverage their rich industry experience in leadership, data and tech to enhance the skills within your organisation. 

Strategic skills development

Levy-funded, scalable solutions for a broader impact ensures that your investment in talent development is maximised, making skills development across all areas of your business effective and efficient. Our programmes are designed to have a broad impact, enabling your organisation to grow and adapt in the face of change. 

Tailored behaviour change solutions with the Custom Solutions team are designed to be deeply integrated within your business for immediate and applicable effect. Serving global clients, we ensure our strategies are effective across diverse markets and organisational structures, delivering impactful results on a global scale. 

Building in-house capability

At Corndel, we build your in-house capability with our own expert coaches through behaviour change programmes. Unlike other providers, we do not outsource our coaching services. This ensures a consistent, high-quality learning experience tailored to your organisation’s needs. 

Our programmes are designed to foster true expertise within your organisation. With over 160+ in-house expert coaches, our diverse team includes a data and technology division composed of 50% women. 

Leadership and management expert coaches: 

  • 43% hold a master’s level qualification in a business-critical subject 
  • Our coaches bring an impressive average of 17 years of industry experience in leadership and management roles 
  • 82% possess an undergraduate teaching qualification or higher, ensuring high-impact learning 

Data expert coaches: 

  • 37% have earned a PhD in a STEM subject, highlighting their deep technical expertise. 
  • 60% a master’s level qualification in a STEM subject, preparing them to tackle complex data challenges 
  • These coaches bring an average of 13 years of industry experience in data-centric roles 
  • 40% have an undergraduate teaching qualification or higher, equipping them to effectively transfer complex data skills  

By investing in our in-house team, we ensure that our clients receive unparalleled coaching and development, driving real and lasting improvements within their organisations. 

Partnerships for success

Our partnership with leading academic and professional institutions like Imperial College London and Corndel College London (CCL) amplify our rigour and excellence. These partnerships bring cutting-edge industry and academic insights to our programmes, providing your workforce with unparalleled expertise and innovative learning experiences. 

We also work in partnership with Tech She Can who is on a mission to improve the ratio of women in technology roles across all sectors and levels of industry.  

Meet our expert coaches… They combine decades of industry experience with world-class pedagogy

Kemi Akinboro

Kemi Akinboro offers over 15 years of experience in Leadership and Development, influencing roles from consulting to educational leadership. While working at Corndel, she also serves as the Programme Director of Open Programmes at London Business School, spearheading two significant initiatives: ‘Developing Strategy for Value Creation’ and ‘Executing Strategy for Results’. Kemi is also the founder of The Black Career Guide, reinforcing her dedication to career growth and inclusive development. Her career includes significant client management and project leadership positions, particularly at MindGym and London Business School.

Emily Quilter

Emily has 13 years of experience as a fundraiser. She specialises in community fundraising, event management, major donor, trust and foundations and individual giving. She has also has facilitation and practitioner experience. She is a Trustee of Octopus Giving and a Director at CIC Mentor Mums. Emily has grown charitable incomes from £400k to £2million. At Shakespeare Schools Festival, she spearheaded events at No 11 Downing Street, the West End and Bulgari Hotel.

Dr. Subeksha Shrestha

Dr. Subeksha Shrestha is an acclaimed Data Analytics and Computing expert with a rich background in academia, nonprofit leadership, and technical innovation. Her impressive academic journey includes a Master’s degree in Data Analytics and a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Computing. She is currently engaged in a PhD programme focusing on Machine Learning and AI at London Metropolitan University, where she is also a lecturer. In tandem, she is pursuing her PGCert/Teaching and Training Qualification. Her technical skills include various programming languages and technologies, including Python, R, Java, Android Development, Augmented Reality (AR), ASP.NET, and comprehensive data analysis capabilities. She actively delivers Data Engineering and Data Analytics Programs covering Python, PowerBi, SQL, PySparks, and Cloud Computing to various Corndel clients. Dr Shrestha is also the founder and president of the Mansha Foundation Nepal, an NGO dedicated to positively impacting her community.

Our case studies: discover how organisations excel with our skills training

“I found the course transformational, beyond what I expected. I am very grateful and feel very privileged for the self-reflection and insight The HER Leadership course has offered me. This is the first course where I know my learnings will be permanent.”
Carly Churchill, Head of Women’s Health Marketing (UK & ENI Cluster), Organon
Closing the Gender Gap: Organon’s HER Leadership Programme
Elevating Social Mobility: Strategically Harnessing the Apprenticeship Levy A toolkit for employers
"Social mobility is important to HR & L&D decision-makers personally and professionally, and 9 in 10 report that it’s an integral part of their company’s EDI strategy. Yet only 62% of organisations currently measure social mobility. For those who don’t, difficulties in measuring were the primary reason why (43%)."
Corndel’s Elevating Social Mobility Whitepaper & Toolkit For Employers
A springboard after maternity leave: "I’ve just come back from maternity leave and I was looking for a skills refresher and get my confidence back in the workplace. I was looking at my growth opportunities were and how I could use that to springboard my career."
Jenny George, Head of Improvement at Chelsea Westminster NHS Hospital
Kemi Otitoju, Visa Europe | Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship