A rich and rewarding learning experience

The Corndel programme gives our students a clear, structured learning experience. We combine practical-based course work with on-the-job employer projects to enable students to become top-level software developers.

The Software Developer Programme is delivered using a broad range of teaching methodologies designed to give participants a rich and rewarding learning experience.

Clear, structured learning

Timeline and progression

Our programmes take learners through a phased development programme:

  • Our programme starts with a 3-week off-site Boot Camp where students are taught the practical foundations of software engineering by expert, experienced coders.
  • Following Boot Camp students are embedded in their employer’s software development team and are adding value to the business.
  • One day a week learners are released to continue their Software Engineering education.
  • Over 18 months we continue to educate students and support their professional development.


Student learning experience

Each student receives as a minimum:

  • An Individual Learning Plan setting out their journey to the qualification
  • At least 6 weeks of face-to-face training at a Corndel site
  • Regular mentoring and guidance (initially weekly, then monthly/as required) on how to best progress
  • Weekly tasks, exercises and learning resources
  • Support and guidance through the assessment process
  • Regular and on-going practical assessments to ensure that required progress is being made
  • Real-life, practical work-based software projects that expand coding skills while providing tangible business benefits to the organisation

Find out more

If you would like to discuss how we can support your organisation to maximise the potential of the Apprenticeship Levy, or just want to find out more, please contact Corndel.

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