CCL Launch

We are pleased to announce that Corndel has launched Corndel College London (CCL)

CCL is a brand new institution that delivers a radical approach to traditional learning. Initially CCL will launch Degree Apprenticeships in Spring 2023 followed by a wholly new approach to undergraduate degrees with built in industry exposure from 2024.

Through the launch of CCL, Corndel is on a mission to bring education and the working world closer together. By aligning education with industry demands we equip students with the relevant skills, knowledge and experiences that will make them invaluable to employers across the country. Our degrees are designed with leading employers to effectively fill the UK’s skills gap and develop the next generation of talent ready to tackle the challenges ahead.

Our exclusive focus on the professional disciplines most in-demand, integrated with sought-after business skills, will allow us to deliver impact for both students and employers. CCL will move at the speed of industry demand to shape our degree offering, always anchored in top tier business expertise.

James Kelly, CEO of Corndel said:

“Narrowing skills gaps is the most pressing productivity challenge for the UK and we know that around 80% of employers feel that graduates are unfit for work when they leave university.”

“Our mission at Corndel, and now CCL, is to create courses so closely aligned to industry that graduates will be among the most employable in the country.

“We believe all educational courses and programmes must deliver a good return on investment for students and help to support our economy.

“It’s time for higher education to get to work.”

A recent survey conducted by Opinum* for Corndel reveals that just 18% of 16-25 year olds believe university will give them all the skills they need for the workforce, with 81% planning to work on their professional development outside of work.

The new survey also highlights the demand for degree apprenticeships, with 79% of 16-25 year olds thinking that degree apprenticeships and a more direct route to a career will become more popular, particularly in light of the cost of living crisis.

Robert Halfon, MP and Chair of the House of Commons Education Select Committee, said:
“The launch of CCL is an exciting new step forward for education. For too long vocational education has been viewed as the ugly step-sister to the Cinderella of academic learning. But as CCL is showing, this false dichotomy is wrong – skills and academic knowledge must work together hand-in-hand.

“Employers from Harlow to Huddersfield know that skills are vital to the future of industry. The UK currently has a skills gap of over £6 billion, and since 2010, there has been a 65% decline in the uptake of Design and Technology at GCSE.

“As CCL is doing, by linking businesses with the HE sector to develop the skills-based learning the industrial sector needs, not only can we close our skills gap, but we can give our young people a step up on the ladder of opportunity and ensure they are prepared for their future careers as we enter the fourth industrial revolution.”
Stephen Isherwood, CEO of Institue for Student Employers said:

“At the Institute of Student Employers (ISE), our vision is that every business across the country thrives through full access to student talent, and we bring employers and the education sector together to achieve this.

“Professional training providers like Corndel have played an integral role in meeting the needs of organisations, delivering better outcomes for both students and the employers.

“Building on their foundation as a quality provider of leadership & management and digital development programmes, Corndel will, through the launch of CCL and its degree offering, be able to further support employers in developing in-demand skills from the ground up with their student recruitment and development strategy.”

CCL degree apprenticeships

CCL will welcome our first degree apprentices from March 2023. Through partnerships with leading employers across the Corndel network, school leavers, students and employees will have the opportunity to gain a highly personalised CCL degree whilst building their career with leading employers.

*Online research conducted by Opinium amongst 1,000 young people aged 16-25 between 29th September – 7th October 2022, UK-wide. A full 2023 WorkplaceTraining Report by Corndel will be published in January.