The vital importance of modern tech skills and how apprenticeships can bridge the gap

With technological evolution propelling businesses forward at an accelerating pace, the challenge of keeping up is ever-present. How can apprenticeship training serve as a vital bridge to close this gap and benefit businesses? 

Modern tech skills are pivotal to business growth

The UK’s tech sector is growing at 2.5 times the rate of the rest of the economy, indicating a pressing need for technology skills.

Modern tech skills have become indispensable in all industries. The UK Tech Ecosystem Update June 2022 highlighted more than two million job openings, underscoring the urgent need for skilled talent. With the tech sector’s growth outpacing the rest of the economy, it’s clear that a diverse pool of skills is crucial to maintain this rapid expansion.

The emerging skills gaps and L&D professionals

Significant skills gaps are increasingly noticeable in areas such as automation, cloud computing, big data analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI). Projections show that by 2030, these shortages could result in a loss of approximately £120 billion for the UK. As L&D professionals, your role is instrumental in nurturing talent we recognise you may face challenges such as resistance to change, low engagement levels and demonstrating ROI. Gartner highlights these concerns and acknowledges your pivotal role in addressing these gaps.

The tech industry is feeling the pinch, with 75% of IT decision-makers reporting skills gaps within their IT teams, a staggering increase of 145% since 2016. This challenge can lead to higher stress levels, extended project timelines, increased operational costs, and a diminished ability to meet business objectives.

Today’s tech skills in demand

  • Python programming
  • Multicloud proficiency for efficient cloud computing
  • Cybersecurity to assure data protection
  • Expertise in Kubernetes and Terraform for infrastructure management
  • Continuous Integration (CI)/ Continuous Deployment (CD) and automation for streamlined software development
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning skills for AI development
  • DevOps for unifying software development and software operation
  • Data engineering and data science for insightful data analysis
  • Linux for efficient system operations
  • Java for versatile software development

Refined strategies for L&D leaders to bridge skills gaps in tech departments

As an L&D professional, your role in today’s dynamic technological landscape is complex and essential. Keeping ahead of the latest tech advancements, engaging learners, and demonstrating the effectiveness of your initiatives are all part of your day-to-day responsibilities. Your efforts are central to shaping your organisation’s future and fostering a resilient learning culture.

Collaborative engagement

As an experienced L&D professional, we recommend reinforcing your ongoing dialogue with technology leaders. Stay in sync with their team’s skills, project aims, and sector trends to help align current skills with business objectives and pinpoint areas for development. Consistent and clear communication can foster a robust and trusting relationship.

Innovative learning needs analysis

Leverage modern technologies, such as artificial intelligence, to assess skill gaps in an insightful and systematic way. The precision these tools offer can facilitate the design of efficient training plans that address the unique needs of individual team members and department-wide requirements.

Valuing transferable skills

It goes without saying that hard technical skills are vital. However, giving due importance to soft and transferable skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication can be an effective strategy. These skills often resonate with tech leaders as they promote team cohesion, adaptability, and innovation.

Optimal apprenticeship levy utilisation

Explore government schemes like the apprenticeship levy for efficient training. This scheme offers an excellent platform for upskilling existing staff and attracting new talent, combining theoretical learning with hands-on work experience.

Linking learning to business goals

It’s essential to ensure that your training programmes harmonise with the company’s strategic goals. By demonstrating the ROI of L&D initiatives, you’ll not only showcase your department’s value but also substantiate the business case for further investment in employee development.

The apprenticeship levy

An innovative avenue to address skill gaps

The Apprenticeship Levy is a useful tool to help fix the lack of tech skills in the workplace. It’s paid by organisations with a payroll of over £3 million, the money can be used to train new apprentices in tech roles like software development, cybersecurity, DevOps and more. This means companies can grow their own skilled tech workforce. Plus, it offers people a chance to learn and gain recognised qualifications, helping people grow the tech industry overall. In short, the Apprenticeship Levy provides a practical way to solve the problem of tech skills shortage, while also building a strong future for the tech industry.

Elevate your tech team's skills with Corndel

Corndel is a pioneer in tech apprenticeships, committed to addressing the UK’s technology skills gap. We go beyond equipping your team with the latest tech skills; we also cultivate vital soft skills like problem-solving, collaboration, and effective communication.

Our Software Engineering and DevOps programmes are tailored to meet your specific business needs. They’re not one-size-fits-all solutions; they’re flexible, cutting-edge programmes that can be covered by your existing apprenticeship funds.
By partnering with Corndel, we make sure your tech team isn’t just better, but also future-ready, resilient, and people-focused. This way, your business isn’t merely keeping up with technology advances, it’s pioneering the way forward. With Corndel, you’re not just upskilling your team’s technical abilities; you’re nurturing their soft skills, positioning your business for long-term success and a competitive edge. The fusion of these technical and soft skills is key to organisations growth and resilience.

Now is the time to act. Corndel tech apprenticeships can support your businesses success.