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Phoenix Group Levy-Gifting Elevates Skills Development at Air Ambulance UK and Carers Trust

Developing vital data skills for Air Ambulance UK and Carers Trust employees with fundraising, leadership and data skills.

Phoenix Group Levy-Gifting Elevates Skills Development at Air Ambulance UK and Carers Trust

Enabling transformational skills development

In an impactful demonstration of corporate social responsibility, Phoenix Group is supporting the UK’s charity sector by gifting their unspent apprenticeship levy funds. They enable transformational skills development opportunities at Air Ambulance UK and Carers Trust. 

Talent Development and Inclusion Director at Phoenix Group, Tamar Hughes, said:

“I'm delighted that Phoenix Group has been able to gift some of our apprenticeship levy to these two charities. Both organisations do such valuable work and in supporting the development of their colleagues, ­we are aligning with one of our goals which is to enable people to develop their skills and stay in good work for longer, so they are more able to save for their future and live better, longer lives. Apprenticeships are a great way for people of all ages to learn new skills and gain qualifications that will help them in the future .”

Air Ambulance UK launches fundraising programme

At Air Ambulance UK, the connection is deeply personal and poignant. Phoenix Group was moved to support the charity due to a team member’s experience with Air Ambulance UK. As a result of Phoenix Group’s levy-gifting, Air Ambulance UK welcomed twelve learners onto the Level 3 Diploma in Fundraising, which will enhance the skills of their fundraisers and contribute significantly to Air Ambulance UK’s life-saving efforts across the UK.

Emma Carter, Air Ambulance UK, says:

"We're incredibly grateful to be working in partnership with Corndel and their partners. Thanks to Phoenix Group's levy gifting, Air Ambulances UK launched a Level 3 Diploma in Fundraising programme. This initiative is crucial for enhancing air ambulance charities fundraising team's capabilities, ultimately aiding life-saving efforts across the UK."

Carers Trust launch leadership and data programmes

Carers Trust, another beneficiary of this initiative, welcomed ten learners onto the Data-Driven Professionals Level 3 programme and another ten onto the Leadership and Management Level 5 programme. These programmes empower carers with the necessary skills for effective leadership and data-driven decision-making. The impact of this training will extend beyond the staff, positively affecting the hundreds of thousands of unpaid carers receiving services and support from Carers Trust’s network of local organisations.

Scott Lafferty, Head of Network Futures at Carers Trust, says:

"Carers Trust is thrilled to have formed a strategic partnership with Corndel. This partnership is delivering huge benefits to our network of local carer organisations. These include the very generous gift from Phoenix Group of fully-funded places for staff from our network to train on Corndel's Data-Driven Professional Level 3 and the Leadership and Management Level 5 programme. This no-cost training in data-driven decision-making and sustainable leadership for colleagues across Carers Trust's network will have an incredibly positive impact on hundreds of thousands of unpaid carers receiving services and vital support from our network of local carer organisations. On behalf of those carers, I'd like to extend our sincere thanks to Corndel, Phoenix Group and Lidl for this investment and the opportunity it creates over the coming year."

The Corndel Levy Pledge

The Corndel Levy Pledge is at the heart of this initiative, addressing a pressing issue in the charitable sector – the underutilisation of available funds. Many charities struggle to stay afloat because of economic challenges and a decline in charitable donations. Since its inception the Corndel Levy Pledge has successfully redirecting £4.5 million of unused Levy funds to charities over the past three years.

Sean Cosgrove, Chief Revenue Officer at Corndel, comments:

"This partnership between Phoenix Group, Air Ambulance UK, and Carers Trust exemplifies how strategic allocation of resources can lead to significant advancements in the charitable sector. By turning unused levy funds into critical skills development opportunities, these organisations are collectively building a more resilient, skilled, and forward-thinking charitable workforce in the UK. It's a testament to what can be achieved when corporate resources are aligned with community needs."

Paving the way for a highly skilled and empowered charitable sector

We thank Phoenix Group for gifting their unused apprenticeship levy funds, an example of how corporate social responsibility can tangibly uplift the charitable sector. This strategic support has significantly enabled Air Ambulance UK and Carers Trust to enhance their teams’ skills and capabilities. On behalf of the beneficiaries, their teams, and the countless lives they touch, we extend our gratitude to Phoenix Group for their visionary approach and generous support. This partnership paves the way for a highly skilled and empowered charitable sector.

Corndel’s dedicated Charity Team

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