Connected Cohort Launching 2024

The Alteryx-Driven Data Analyst Initiative: Revolutionising Analytics at a Global Investment Bank

Empowering professionals with advanced data analytics skills through the Alteryx and PowerBI platforms.

Connected cohort launching 2024 Alteryx data analyst initiative

Empowering professionals with advanced data analytics skills through the Alteryx and PowerBI platforms.

Our specialised Data Analyst programme, developed in partnership with a renowned multinational investment bank and financial services organisation, is designed to revolutionise how data analytics is utilised in the corporate world. This innovative programme has been successfully delivered to financial services employees for several years and is now open to other learners due to its proven effectiveness and unique approach.

The programme replaces traditional coding lessons with training on the Alteryx platform – a user-friendly, low code/no code solution. This approach enables learners to blend and analyse data within the platform, fostering a more intuitive and efficient analytical process.

Molly, a Corndel Learner recently completed the Corndel Data Analyst programme achieving a distinction. Her programme was specifically tailored to suit her day-to-day role and was enhanced to include the Alteryx platform which is most relevant to her organisation.

"I was promoted the year I finished my course. The programme improved my time management and organisation skills and increased my confidence around data analytics and the new digital tools that are available to us. It gave me a new sense of motivation to apply my learning to my role.”

Programme highlights include:

Customised training

Tailored to meet the specific needs of corporate professionals, focusing on practical, real-world applications.

Advanced tools

In-depth training in Alteryx and PowerBI, leading platforms in the data analytics industry.

Data-driven decision-making

Aligns with the strategic goal of embedding data-driven decision-making throughout businesses.

Efficiency and automation

Learners will master task automation, creating efficiencies in data analysis and saving time and resources.

Comprehensive curriculum

The 15-month programme covers all aspects of the data analytics lifecycle, from sourcing to communicating data insights.

Cohort size

Successfully delivered to cohort sizes of 65 learners, this programme provides a connected and collaborative learning community.

Molly, a distinguished Corndel graduate, shares her journey

She describes the 1-2- 1 coaching aspect of the programme was the most beneficial.

“This was one of the best parts of the programme, my personal coach was always available for any questions and support throughout the course. If you didn’t want to ask a specific question in front of a large audience during your workshops, this was definitely the opportunity to clarify all of those queries.”

“I had already taught myself how to use Alteryx and I wanted to further my understanding as there were so many business cases that I wanted to use to apply my learning.”
On joining the programme
“Not only throughout the projects I carried out as part of my portfolio, but I have also started to teach others the skills I have learnt using Alteryx.”
Applying skills
“There are a lot of examples to provide. I was able to automate a manual report for my team which saved three hours of someone’s time per week.”
Impact on work
"Post-completion, I was promoted. This course gave me a new sense of motivation and purpose."
Career progression
“Difficult at first but once I got into a routine and with the help and guidance of my 1-2-1 coach this became a lot easier. I think the hardest thing about the course is committing to it, but once you do, the time flies by.”
Work-life balance
"My confidence in data analytics and digital tools has significantly improved."
Personal growth

Join the data revolution

We invite you to explore this unique programme. It’s not just about learning data analytics; it’s about evolving with the digital world, making informed decisions, and driving organisational performance with data-driven insights.

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