Solving the Data Talent Shortage The Power of Degree Apprenticeships

The Data Talent Shortage

It is essential that Learning and development teams in the UKaddress the significant data skills problem that organisations are increasingly facing . AND Digital’s The Nature of the Digital Skills Gap report found that 81% of UK managing directors say a lack of digital skills is negatively affecting their company. Solving the data skills gap has to be a core priority for all learning and development departments, and utilising all the tools available is a part of this. Here we explore the importance of data skills development within all businesses and outline how digital and data degree apprenticeships could be invaluable for your business in addressing  data skills shortages.

Companies with strong data analytics capabilities are 2.6x more likely to be in the top quartile for financial performance within their industry, so any company underestimating the value of data does so at their peril.  Data is changing the entire business landscape. There are countless examples of once well-known brands who ultimately fell behind  by not embracing business transformation – From Kodak, who dominated the photographic film industry but missed out on crucial digital transformation before closing in 2012, to Blockbuster, who were quick to disappear from the video market by failing to innovate when Netflix originally began posting out DVDs before dominating the world of video streaming.

No one wants their organisation to be the next example of losing their competitive edge Embracing data has got to become an integral part of your strategy to continue to compete in the evolving business world. Learning and development teams must find ways to develop high-level data skills within their organisations, and digital and data degree apprenticeships could be the answer to this.

Why Data Skills Development Matters

We’ve already shown just how significant the data skills gap in the UK is and highlighted how companies have not only lost out but essentially closed down due to their inability to innovate and transform. Data skills development in your organisation is a powerful tool for growth and success, with a higher level of understanding allowing you to truly maximise your organisation’s data goldmine.

Developing data skills programmes benefits your organisation and your people, in many ways including:

Better decision making

Upskilling your employees in data analysis allows them to use data effectively to make better and more informed business decisions. Making informed business decisions allows you to take more strategic risks and improve business processes overall.

Promoting collaboration

With a good level of data literacy across your organisation employees can work together more easily and understand each other’s job roles. Data skills training across departments helps them work together more effectively as when everyone has a good understanding of data they can collaborative more easily and effectively.

Increased efficiency

Data skills development allows you to advance your employees’ knowledge and help them learn how to use data effectively to automate processes and improve their efficiency. More efficient practices lead to increased productivity, better customer satisfaction and can help to cut costs.

Create better customer journeys and experiences

With employees who can effectively analyse customer data your business benefits from clearer insights into customer behaviours, preferences and needs. This can help your business develop better products, services and drive more effective customer experiences.

Drive innovation

Data skills training can also help employees come up with new and innovative ideas for products and services. By having a good understanding and ability to analyse customer data, your employees can identify market trends, customer needs and develop innovative ideas to meet demand and solve problems.

Why degree apprenticeships are the answer to your data skills demand

Degree apprenticeships are an effective training method for new people starting with your company, but also a powerful skill for upskilling and reskilling in core business areas including data. Degree apprenticeships in data and digital technologies help your business develop a talent pipeline internally and the more companies invest in this level of training, the stronger UK’s business outlook will be.

Investing in degree apprenticeships for your company and your people is a cost-effective solution to solving your data skills gap. You can use your Apprenticeship Levy funding to cover the cost of the training and use this advanced level of apprenticeship to upskill rising stars and talent within your organisation.

Furthermore, upskilling and reskilling via apprenticeships allows you to maximise the existing knowledge and experience of your employees. Training existing employees in data skills can ensure they have a better understanding of the company’s culture, values, and goals. This can lead to better alignment between the company’s strategic objectives and the skills of its workforce. In-house training focused on your business’ core needs also delivers faster time-to-value than hiring new employees with data experience. It removes the expense and time of the recruitment process and gives your existing workforce the opportunity to develop, something many of them will be more than happy to do.

Similarly, employees who feel invested in are much more likely to remain within your organisation. Training and development make employees feel valued. The 2022 LinkedIn Global Talent Trends Report found that employees see professional development as the number-one way to improve company culture. This is supported by a report by Execu Search which shows that 86% of professionals would change jobs if a new company offered them more opportunities for professional development. Training your existing employees in the most pertinent skills for the current business landscape will encourage them to remain with your company, rather than looking for a move elsewhere.

Degree apprenticeships in digital and data skills open up a whole world of opportunities for your employees, giving them many new directions to take their career in. Upon completion of the programme, degree apprentices can build the digital expertise to go on to a range of IT and data roles, including Data Analyst, Cyber Security Analyst, IT Consultant, Database Specialist and many more. This gives your business a significant advantage with such highly trained and versatile data specialists within your teams.

Upskill In Data Skills to Futureproof Your Business

Building digital and data degree apprenticeship programmes into your early careers solution is a high-impact, low-cost solution to meeting digital demands. The Digital & Technology Solutions Professional Degree Apprenticeship (Data Analyst) is specifically aimed at developing future digital talent who will go on to become data leaders within your organisation.

Fully funded by the apprenticeship levy, a Digital & Technology Solutions (Data Analyst) Degree Apprenticeship equips your talent with the techniques, skills and knowledge to meet digital demand and deliver impact through technology.

Degree Apprenticeship programmes are suitable for those entering the workforce for the first time but also talented prospects within your organisation. With targeted data skills degree apprenticeships, you can provide your talented prospects with the specific business-focused data and digital skills needed to drive your company, and their careers, forward.

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