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P3 Charity and Securitas UK Leverage Apprenticeship Levy Gifting for Enhanced Charitable Impact

Developing vital data skills for P3 Charity employees through the Imperial College and Corndel Data-Driven Professional Programme

P3 Charity and Securitas UK Leverage Apprenticeship Levy Gifting for Enhanced Charitable Impact

Transforming Apprenticeship Levy into strategic support for charitable skills development

Securitas UK is setting a precedent by gifting £228,000 from their unspent Apprenticeship Levy fund to bolster skill development in the charity sector. This innovative approach to skills development prioritises data literacy enhancement within P3 Charity, directly addressing the prevalent challenges of sustaining financial viability in the charity sector and elevating the impactful work of P3 Charity.

High-impact learning for P3 Charity professionals

Today P3 Charity welcomes learners onto the Data-Driven Professional Level 3 programme, delivering in partnership with Imperial Business School London. The programme will focus on enhancing digital approaches and data literacy. It aims to foster a data-led culture to improve decision-making and service enhancement for those in need within the community. This programme launch is a testament to P3 Charity and Securitas UK’s dedication to creating a brighter tomorrow for the broader community they serve.

Mark Simms, CEO of P3 Charity says:

"Improving our digital approach and data is a priority at P3. We are building on a data-led culture to improve our decision-making and enhance the services we can provide to people in the community who need it most. The support from Securitas UK is fundamental in moving this forward. By gifting £228,00 of their levy, we have 18 learners who will increase their data skills, enabling better understanding and communication with data, supporting us to develop data skillsets to achieve transformational change. We are extremely grateful to Securitas UK for providing this opportunity for our colleagues and for improving the work of P3 charity."
Securitas UK's commitment to community impact:

"We’re proud to be supporting P3 by gifting part of our Apprenticeship Levy to enable them to invest in the future of their teams, and helping shape a brighter tomorrow for their employees, their charity and the community they support. At Securitas UK we continue to be committed to making a meaningful impact beyond the confines of our organisation, by supporting various charities we help drive positive change in local communities that our employees call home."

The Corndel Levy Pledge

Our Levy Pledge is a response to a critical issue: over £3 billion of Levy funding has remained unused since 2019. In an era marked by financial strains and reduced charitable giving, we hope this initiative will address the 88% of charities struggling with economic sustainability and aid the 89% without access to a Levy Pot.

Shaping a data-driven charitable sector

This partnership is a prime example of how strategic use of resources can lead to substantial improvements in the charitable sector. By transforming unused levy funds into vital training and development opportunities, P3 Charity, Securitas UK, and Corndel are collectively forging a more resilient, data-driven future for UK charities.

Corndel’s dedicated Charity Team

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