HM Treasury and Corndel's Inaugural Leadership Programme Launch

The HM Treasury, serving as the cornerstone of the UK's economic and finance ministry, is diligently advancing the leadership development of its team to fortify the foundation for sustainable economic growth across the UK.
HM Treasury Inaugural Leadership Programme Launch

On 10th October 2023, HM Treasury, in partnership with Corndel, unveiled its Management and Leadership Level 5 and Executive Leadership Level 7 programmes to 55 colleagues.

Hosted at the Treasury’s Auditorium in London, this inaugural launch event is a pivotal step towards empowering enhanced leadership and managerial capabilities within the Treasury. 

Tamara Bruck, Director of Operations at HM Treasury, emphasised the significance of this initiative

“We are really excited to be launching our Level 5 and Level 7 Leadership and Management programmes in partnership with Corndel. We have 55 colleagues who are taking part in this programme over the next year, which is a great opportunity for our colleagues to build their management and leadership skills, which is so critical in the work that we will do and will be massively beneficial for the department, to have that strength and capability. I am personally very excited about that.”

Key highlights of the event included:

Programme overview

Detailed presentations provided insight into the objectives and structure of both Level 5 and Level 7 programmes, aligning the participants with the HM Treasury’s long-term vision of the leadership programmes. 

Interactive sessions

Participants engaged in interactive sessions, facilitating a deeper understanding of the course content and the application of key management and leadership principles.

Breakout sessions

These sessions allowed Level 5 and Level 7 learners a closer look at the course design relevant to them, with introductions to the Professional Development Experts (PDE) and a walkthrough of the learning platform, Aptem. 

Core topic recap

A summarisation of core topics emphasised the synergy between theoretical knowledge and practical application, setting the stage for a progressive 12-month learning journey.

Sean Cosgrove, Chief Revenue Officer at Corndel, echoed the sentiment

“As part of Corndel’s mission to empower leaders and managers across the UK, we are immensely proud to collaborate with the Treasury to launch their inaugural Level 5 and Level 7 leadership programmes for 55 participants today. This programme is so important to us because its influence extends beyond just the participants. It has a ripple effect, benefiting those they lead and manage, amplifying its impact across the Treasury.”   

Collaboration at its best

The collaborative effort between HM Treasury and Corndel is not merely a training programme but a significant stride towards cultivating a culture of informed, competent, and forward-thinking leadership. The successful launch of the programmes sets a robust foundation for a progressive learning and developmental journey for the HM Treasury cohort of 2023/24. 

Corndel is proud to partner with the HM Treasury to deliver leadership and management training that will have a real-world impact.

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