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MintELLE Case Study: The importance of personal development planning

21 July 2021 by Megan Thomson

MintELLE is an Employee Resource Group (ERG) within Mintel, the experts in what consumers want and why. MintELLE’s missions are to empower members to connect with and support each other, deliver inclusive programmes that educate, inspire and validate women in business, and to provide members with the tools to reach their full potential.

Recognising the importance of individual ownership for personal development and career progression, they invited Corndel to deliver a practical Personal Development Planning session for more than 50 colleagues, predominantly women, across the organisation.

Mintel is committed to increasing diversity of representation at senior levels, promoting leadership development across the business. “Mintel believes that [development] projects will support all employees to achieve their potential and secure career progression to strengthen our people’s future development.” (Gender Pay Gap report, Mintel). The creation of ERGs was a strategic organisational initiative with a mission to “provide a safe space for Mintel employees and their allies to find common ground, express their views, gain insight into existing challenges, and counsel senior leadership.

A focus on Personal Development Planning

Corndel Advance bespoke training programmes are designed to address specific organisational challenges, including supporting our clients’ ERGs through practical and memorable sessions. We were delighted to be invited to work with Mintel to support this initiative. The 60-minute session enabled the group to take a step back from the day-to-day, provided thinking space and a chance to share perspectives with peers, and offered fresh approaches and resources for personal development planning.

“Personal Development: the continuous process of identifying, assessing and improving the knowledge and skills you have in order to achieve your goals, whether personal goals or career goals.”

Delivered by Corndel’s Jina Melnyk and designed in collaboration with Minisha Wahi, Regional Director UK&Nordics and Chair for Women in Business ERG, the session started with a short video featuring female colleagues within the organisation speaking about their journey, challenges and expectations working at Mintel. Through an interactive presentation, participants were able to then share how they felt about personal development plans, with most revealing that they felt they were important in providing accountability, commitment and direction and should always remain realistic and measurable.

Jina gave participants time to formulate ideas for their aspirations via a powerful visualisation technique, creating an ideal view of their best self. MintELLE members shared what they came up with during this exercise which included being a best-selling author, achieving career goals, being curious, be willing to learn more, and being a role model to others.

Upon reflection of their goals, the women were able to create high level objectives to help them reach their ultimate ambitions such as completing a qualification, developing creative skills, learning about data analytics, and building a personal reputation within their industry. A common theme was also making more time for what is important in life, such as rest, relaxation and battling fears and anxieties.

Creating an actionable plan

During the workshop, Corndel provided Mintel employees with practical tools too:

  • Build self-awareness.
  • Articulate their vision.
  • Feel more motivated towards achieving their personal and professional goals.

Through group facilitation and breakout sessions, participants were able to feel more confident in taking ownership of their personal development. They left with a framework for creating a plan that focused on what was important to them in order to open up opportunities and align their personal and career aspirations. Jina encouraged the group to discuss their plans with managers and peers, as well as partners and friends, to help build on those goals, and to carry these tools forward when next meeting with their mentors to continue the focus on their personal development.

We were delighted that MintELLE members found the group session interactive, motivating and encouraging, with one learner’s personal take away from the session being: “Don’t let the odds keep you from doing what you know in your heart you were meant to do!”

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