Meet our Professional Development Experts – Shadi Saad, Data Analytics

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Shadi Saad is highly experienced in data analytics having worked in FinTech, Banking and Defence. He is now bringing that experience to his role as a Professional Development Expert for Corndel’s Data Analytics Diploma.

Shadi believes that data analytics skills are increasingly becoming essential, even in non-technical roles.

“I want to help people develop data analytics skills in their role. Most jobs are becoming increasingly technical and having a basic knowledge of data analytics is really important to adequately prepare for the future in almost every industry.”

Prior to joining Corndel, Shadi spent over 5 years working in analytics in a number of different industries (banking, fintech, defense).

Shadi’s experience taught him the importance of understanding the data you are working with, a skill he is keen to pass on through the Corndel Data Analytics Diploma.

“As a Product Controller at Rabobank’s Global Financial Markets department, I needed to evaluate how the value of banking products would fluctuate as a result of fast-changing market factors. It was critical I had an understanding of economic trends as well as Matlab skills to give any meaningful recommendations.”

Shadi has extensive experience as a tutor in both professional and educational settings.

“When I first started tutoring, I taught physics, maths and economics. I really enjoy teaching different subjects and it’s challenging to find the best ways to help people to learn.

Every student is different so being able to adapt to different styles of thinking and learning (i.e. visual, auditory, etc.) is really important. I found that highly personalised approaches are the key to success.

For some, you have to challenge and stretch with additional exercises and activities. For others, you need to give more support and attention. I typically work with the learner to break the problem down into sub-problems until they become more manageable.”

He is excited to see the impact of his coaching on learners’ productivity and to help them grow in their careers.

“The best reward is seeing people understand something new and use a new skill they acquired while working with me.”

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