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Meet our Professional Development Experts – Minesh Patel, Data Analytics

03 March 2020 by Isla Lightfoot

Minesh Patel brings over 15 years of experience in financial services with the likes of Barclays and Lloyds Banking Group to his role as a Professional Development Expert on the Corndel Data Analytics Diploma. He is an award-winning leader, chartered accountant and experienced mentor, having led major transformation projects in finance, control and risk. 

Throughout Minesh’s career, he has supported businesses and individuals to develop and deploy technology more effectively. He believes that this experience will enable him to support professionals from a range of industries to understand the value of developing technical data skills, even when they have traditionally non-technical roles.  

While at Barclays, Minesh led a major transformation programme, including managing relationships with large technology companies, to improve the technical infrastructure and enable better sharing and use of data.  

“For 3 years, I led the partnership between IBM, HP and Barclays Technology to centralise and update Barclays hardware and data infrastructure. I often had to translate between the technology experts and the business units to make sure everybody understood the objectives and value of the project. Ultimately, the project saved Barclays £55M in data infrastructure and security resources.” 

Minesh was responsible for the deployment of new analytics tools across various finance functions such as Retail, Corporate and Investment banking. He supported individuals to adapt to the change by developing training materials and guiding them to understand the application of the tools to their role. 

My team and I oversaw the development of a new analytics monitoring system and then deployed it across Barclays. We created training materials and delivered a number of workshops to members of staff to help them learn to use the system. We then provided ongoing support as they began to complete projects using the tool to ensure they were able to incorporate it into their normal day-to-day role. 

Minesh has experience mentoring professionals at different stages of their careers to develop and progress.  

My personal approach to upskilling feels closer to consulting. I create trust-based relationships by positioning myself as a sounding board. I tailor the way I coach, train and mentor each employee to their ambitions, goals and interests. Corndel’s one-to-one approach to coaching fits well with my personalised approach. 

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