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Meet our Professional Development Experts – Laura Bowey, Delivery Director

22 May 2020 by Heidi Marshall

Laura Bowey is passionate about people and changing things to benefit them: ‘I love to improve outcomes and impacts for people. In my career I have studied and taught psychology, to better understand people and then used these skills in the workplace to drive transformational change within organisations.’

Laura has a BSc in Social Psychology and a MSc in Research Skills. During her studies she focused on social and health care support for people with learning disabilities and their carers, publishing a range of papers in The Psychologist, the British Journal of Social Work, Howard Journal of Criminal Justice and Housing, Care and Support. She carried this understanding of how people learn and how best to support them, into the not-for-profit sector.

Laura led the support provision at Parkinson’s UK, encompassing face-to-face support, helplines, Employment and Benefits service, Local Adviser service and self-management programme. She was responsible for a department of 200 people, all remote, home-based workers, and managed an annual budget of £4.5 million. Laura instigated a range of large, change programmes to build Parkinson’s UK’s service offering and digital capabilities, including a dedicated Carers programme. ‘The principle aim of these programmes was to maximise impact in improving the lives of people affected by Parkinson’s. By embracing the latest digital technology, we could reach and help more people, as well as deliver more personalised support.’

As Head of Personalisation, Laura lead a strategic programme to ensure the charity had the right pathways of support and best overall offer for people with Parkinson’s and their friends, family and carers. 'My team undertook substantial user journey research to understand stakeholder needs and ensure we had the right programmes in place to deliver proactive support, information and engagement opportunities, on and offline. Underpinning this strategy was effective use of data.’

Laura was attracted to Corndel for a number of reasons: ‘I wanted a role where I was able to make a difference in people’s lives and improve their well-being. Help them think differently and see the improvement in their confidence as a result of this new perspective. I love listening to people’s stories, their motivators.’ As a PDE, Laura looked after learners from Bupa and Cadent Gas. ‘My learning style focuses on building learner confidence and awareness. Confidence is a fundamental building block for learning and improves people’s overall well-being. My role as a PDE is an empathetic one, but I also need to challenge my learners, to push them out of their comfort zone and inspire them to do better. This aspect of psychology and awareness of mental health has definitely been at the core of my career choices.’

Laura has recently been promoted to Delivery Director in charge of a team of PDEs and acts as Operational Lead for a range of clients. She is also in charge of change improvement programmes throughout Corndel.

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