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Meet our Professional Development Experts – Kate Rudd, Data Analytics

21 April 2020 by Isla Lightfoot

Now, more than ever, it’s critical for people to develop their skillsets and use these to drive real business impact and value. We have been so impressed with how our learners have adapted to these turbulent times and used their Professional Development Experts as a sounding board for advice, to have honest conversations about how they are feeling and help for transferring to a remote working model.  

Kate Rudd, Professional Development Expert on the Corndel Data Analytics programme, is a perfect example of our coaching team. As someone with vast commercial experience within Data Analytics, combined with an educational background in coaching and people performance, Kate is well placed to guide learners through their programmes whilst supporting their wellbeing and helping them to build their resilience toolset.   

Kates three great passions are data and statistics; the world of work; and people. After graduating with an MSc in Occupational Psychology, Kate started her career in research, working with data to provide meaningful insights that transform company performance. While consulting for Ford QuickLane, Kate developed an application to track and compare performance across franchise car dealerships.   

 “There were significant challenges to comparing sales and productivity performance because the data was being collated in different formats and presented in local currencies.   

 I worked with a global team to standardise KPI definitions and the data collation format. I then developed a tool to securely extract data and automatically convert different currencies in real-time. Finally, I visualised the results in a web-based application to enable managers around the world to interpret and compare their performance.” 

For the first time the Global Manager and Regional Heads were able to track and compare performance across the franchise car dealerships on a level playing field.  

Having built solid data capabilities in live environments, Kate trained as a professional coach to satisfy her other two passions – the world of work and people. She then worked with a range of global organisations in a coaching role, utilising her data skills to improve programmes. “I brought in training embedded in cognitive behavioural psychology, based on a programme developed by the University of Michigan. We encouraged long-term unemployed people to build their networks and put support mechanisms in place. This resulted in them having access to jobs that weren’t traditionally advertised. I used my data skills to track performance. We recorded an 11% increase in conversion rate of people going back into the workplace, as a result of this programme.”  

Kate has overseen the roll-out of data analytics across two global organisations. This involved not only the technical development but also leading the change programme to embed its use, facilitating a data driven organisation. “I developed individuals and teams so that they were confident in using the technology, in addition to the data, to gain insight into their business area. To make the content relevant, I directly tied new concepts to the individual’s role to help them think of data analytics in the context of their work.Helping somebody see the impact developing those skills would have on their work and the potential performance improvements of their business was very rewarding.” 

Kate’s role at Corndel embodies her three passions – teaching data analytics and passing on all her practical skills to learners, understanding their learning styles and supporting them as they become great Data Analysts. 

“My approach focuses on supporting people find their own ways towards their goals. In today’s world I’ve been drawing heavily on techniques learned in my MSc in Occupational Psychology and then work collaboratively to develop a personalised and structured development plan to support the person I am working with to achieve their goals.” 

More information about the Corndel Data Analytics Diploma.

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