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Meet our Professional Development Experts: Joe Harris - Data Analytics

18 December 2019 by Isla Lightfoot

Joe Harris has led teams of analysts and has extensive experience teaching data analytics to people with little to no technical skills. He is now bringing that experience to delivering the Corndel Data Analytics Diploma.

Joe is passionate about helping others develop their data analytics skills. Alongside his professional career, Joe has spent the past 3 years volunteering at DataKind to help Charities develop data analytics capabilities.

“I enjoy teaching and playing around with data. I find presenting the results of my analysis effectively very satisfying, and I’d like to help others do the same.”

With over 10 years’ experience as a data scientist, Joe has overseen commercial data projects across the globe, including working in retail, gambling and sports.

He believes that one of the keys to delivering successful data analytics projects is to understand the real-world context behind the data to be able to meaningfully draw conclusions.

In one project with a major retailer in Japan, Joe had to rapidly build his understanding of retail in an unfamiliar country.

“I was responsible for increasing revenue by 3% by increasing sales of just 3 different categories of product. I needed to understand which products were most likely to be seen as interchangeable by customers – so things like which brand of shampoo would people buy if they couldn’t get their preferred product.

These categories were hard to find because I had to work with products I didn’t know, in a market with different tastes and culture. To be successful, I built strong relationships with category managers and translators to ensure I understood the data I was working with.”

Joe has also worked in sports analytics, drawing on his passion for cricket to inform player recruitment, match strategy and sports betting.

“By combining cricket players’ scores and ratings, my team and I managed to create different simulations and use them to optimise player selection.

Joe will use this breadth of experience to support professionals from a range of industries to develop and apply data skills into their day to day work.

More information about the Corndel Data Analytics Diploma.

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