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Meet our Professional Development Experts - Faye Fox

22 September 2020 by Heidi Marshall

Faye Fox has worked extensively in the charitable sector, overcoming many challenges and opening doors to new opportunities along the way. She draws on that experience in her role as Professional Development Expert at Corndel.

Faye started her career working in a local authority hostel for homeless women. She then moved onto working in the charitable sector, carving out a specialism in what is perhaps a lesser known area of supporting the community rehabilitation of offenders.

Immediately prior to joining Corndel, Faye held the position of Operations Director at Re:Shape, a charity that aims to prevent sexual harm by working closely with the police, probation officers and victim services to reduce the risk posed by sexual offenders. “It’s a difficult group to generate funding for. The organisation’s goal was to prevent any further victims, but male sex offenders are not generally top of the list of desired beneficiaries for charitable donations.”

Faye is proud of her fundraising achievements from her time at Re:Shape. She explains, “Funding was frequently at risk. Together with the Chief Executive, I worked hard to secure funding from the Ministry of Justice and The Big Lottery. Securing four years of funding from The Big Lottery was a huge achievement that required us to dig deep into our fundraising skillset. The Big Lottery were initially nervous, given the nature of the charity’s work. It was, in fact, years in the making.

We started with informal networking – conversations over lunch talking about our work. We realised that the story we wanted to tell, that would appeal to The Big Lottery, was around us being volunteer-led. We talked about the volunteers and their journey; what they wanted to get from it. We spoke about the way in which the charity developed those volunteers through supervision and group support. There was a great deal of work around that positioning, and pulling in the right data to tell that story. We needed a clear understanding of what pocket of money we would fit into within The Big Lottery and formalising our approach to fit their requirements. In general terms, we needed to be evidence-based. Pre-empting what stakeholders might ask questions about. For example, how accountable are the offenders? How do we know if they are continuing to offend? We deliberately built close relationships with the police and by supporting and working in partnership with them to we were able to secure funding from Police & Crime Commissioners, be it through a one-off contribution or by giving us a staff member.”

Faye’s career has also included a bid writing role at Together Women, a pioneering Ministry of Justice project. The Corston Report in 2007 suggested that the criminal justice system was set up for men. Women, who tend to be the main carers, were ending up in prison for non-violent crimes such as non-payment of fines. The project was geared to provide holistic support to such women to help them turn things around.

Speaking about the new Fundraising Apprenticeship Standard, Faye says, “During my fundraising career, there wasn’t any formal training available, let alone the one-to-one support that the Corndel Fundraising Diploma offers. Fundraising can be a lonely role with no-one to offload to or collaborate with. To have a coach, experienced in the sector, to support you through a 13-month programme is hugely valuable to individual fundraisers and support engagement staff and the knock-on effect of being able to raise more funds and help more people is at the heart of what drives us to work in the sector.”

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