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Meet our Professional Development Experts: Claire Kelleher – Data Analytics

07 January 2020 by Isla Lightfoot

Claire Kelleher is a commercial and academic data scientist who brings a wealth of experience to her role as a Professional Development Expert for Corndel’s Data Analytics Diploma.

She followed the completion of her Master’s degree in Big Data Science with over six years’ professional experience with the likes of Sainsbury’s, MoneySupermarket and Citi.

Claire has achieved a number of prestigious professional accolades. Claire was an integral part of the team that won Deloitte’s Top Technology Talent competition in 2015. She also presented her Master’s thesis on Alzheimer’s at the 2018 Human Brain Project Conference.

Throughout Claire’s career, she has led data science projects that directly deliver business impact.

At MoneySupermarket, Claire built a model for the marketing team to quantify at what rate PPC (paid for) clicks were eating into SEO (free) clicks. These results supported investment decisions for the different channels across the company. Her vast knowledge of on-site consumer to product click behaviour comes from leading the A/B Testing team for the financial vertical.

“While working for Sainsbury’s, I led a project to increase revenue by improving the layout of stores and the location of specific products, based on customer shopping habits when in-store.

In another project for the Nectar loyalty card programme, I improved the effectiveness of our marketing to acquire new customers by analysing how our existing customers used their Nectar card.

I used data on existing customers’ spending behaviour with partners including eBay, JustEat and HungryHouse, as well as demographic data to enable us to target potential customers with offers and products we knew they were more likely to find attractive.”

Claire has extensive experience of supporting non-technical colleagues to effectively use data analytics.

“While at MoneySupermarket, I developed and delivered a training programme to improve data literacy across the business. We covered typical pitfalls for beginner data analysts and later trained product analysts to become data analysts.

I enjoy teaching the technical, critical thinking and presentation skills I’ve developed through my career to help Data Analytics Diploma participants to become more effective at their jobs.”

More information about the Corndel Data Analytics Diploma.

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