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Meet our data analytics learners – Julien Fouré, Treasury Trader, bp

17 June 2020 by Heidi Marshall

Julien Fouré, a Treasury Trader at energy giant bp, is part of a cohort of 30 colleagues on the Corndel Data Analytics Diploma programme.

Julien is a member of Money Market in Treasury Trading and is responsible for FX swaps execution and trading. He is also a member of a team that is responsible for the daily lending of corporate cash and borrowing in the short term markets.

Nominated by the Global Head of Treasury Trading, Julien saw the 18-month programme as a rare opportunity to develop a brand new, valuable skillset. His role revolves around data. He and his team need to understand complex market data, be quick to react to what they see, and deliver value based on their agile decision-making. ‘The Data Analytics programme,’ he says, ‘matches my objectives and is helping me to be more innovative and to make data-driven decisions, faster.

The first three months were all about starting to think like a data scientist and building knowledge around the core concepts of data analytics – understanding database structures and learning programming languages. From then, the focus has shifted to more advanced analytics skills and applying the learning in his day-to-day work.

At the start of the apprenticeship, Julien engaged his global team for ideas around how better manipulation of data could help them to be more agile. Using this information, he has identified several projects that he can execute using his new data skills.

  • Julien has created an automated one-page overview of where the market currently is compared with the past five days, and has scheduled it to arrive by email in the inbox of his local team each morning. In a role where speed has a direct impact on results, automating this previously manual process has enabled his team to quickly make complex calculations and accelerate decision-making.
  • He is also currently working on a currency arbitrage project. When he and his team invest the company’s cash in the market, they can do so in several currencies. While it is usually invested in dollars, other currencies bring the potential of a better return. Julien is using Python progamming to create a visual overview of market conditions and 5-day trends which enables the team to quickly decide which currency to invest in.
  • Julien’s third project involves collaborating with colleagues in Chicago on the option market, which is beyond his day-to-day routine. He will use his data visualisation and coding skills to automate the creation of a succinct one-page document to help the team to quickly perform advanced scenario analysis and provide decision-making support . As Julien looks ahead to the remaining modules, he anticipates incorporating new knowledge around machine learning to this ongoing project.

The Professional Development Expert (PDE) support is an important component of progressing through the course,’ Julien explains. ‘There is a lot of knowledge to acquire throughout the programme, and the fortnightly one-to-one support you receive helps you to keep on track and demonstrate how you are applying what you have learned.’ The regular workshops, which started out as face-to-face at the beginning of the programme, were moved online due to the Covid-19 crisis. Julien finds them just as effective delivered virtually with a practical, interactive format that enables screen sharing and group breakouts to engage with peers and the expert programme facilitators.

Julien recommends the programme to other bp colleagues who, with the support of their line managers, are committed to learning a valuable new skillset that can be applied to many innovation and efficiency projects now and in the future.

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