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09 March 2018 by Isla Lightfoot

This morning we received a new plaque in the post, confirming that we are an Industry Approved Provider of management and leadership training in the food and drink manufacturing industry.

This is part of a fantastic scheme set up by the National Skills Academy for Food and Drink, a membership body which reviews the quality and expertise of training providers and endorses them on behalf of food and drink manufacturers.

Food and drink is an important sector for Corndel. We are already training up first line and mid-to-senior managers at businesses such as Nomad Foods, whose brands include Birdseye, Iglo, Findus and Goodfella’s.

Many people don’t realise how important the sector is in the UK economy. Food and drink is the largest manufacturing sector in the UK with a £100bn turnover.

Businesses in the sector are typically working to extremely tight margins and can be highly sensitive to macro- pressures, such as exchange rates and seasonal weather conditions. Brexit is also a highly topical concern.

Food and drink manufacturers are probably as highly regulated as the NHS, undergoing almost constant audit, review and inspection to certify safety and ethical standards.

This creates a highly pressured environment for managers, who are often overseeing large frontline teams where there is little margin for error in delivering core processes consistently and efficiently.

We are proud of our Industry Approved Status and the plaque has gone up in our HQ in Kentish Town. It’s important for us to be recognised by employers for the quality of our curriculum, content and delivery, and we will be working closely with the NSAFD to ensure we continually improve our offer for their members.

The NSAFD’s provider manager, Phil Selwood, came in the other day for a joint session to plan our work together. He told me: “Management and leadership is an important focus for the food and drink industry at a time of much change and uncertainty. Good managers at all tiers – from frontline operational supervisors to executives – is ever more important to our members’ success. As an industry-led organisation, we are very pleased to endorse Corndel as one of our Industry Approved providers for management and leadership in the food and drink manufacturing sector.

Our view is that the personalised approach Corndel takes to management development can make a real impact for the food and drinks manufacturing sector. Ultimately, an investment in management is an investment in business performance, productivity and profitability. We’re looking forwards to working together with Corndel to help businesses take advantage of their Levy to build real strength and depth in their management tiers.

I’m currently working with the NSAFD to hold some events on management and leadership in the food and drink industry in April/May, so HR and L&D managers can learn how some of our clients are using their Levy as an upskilling budget for their management tier. Do get in touch at if you are interested in attending, and I’ll post more details here as we work out final details.

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