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Learner case study - Data Analytics - LV= General Insurance

05 January 2021 by Katherine O'Halloran

Craig Dunne is a Senior Underwriter in the LV= General Insurance (LV= GI)’s Direct business, predominantly covering motor and home insurance. He saw the Level 4 Data Analytics Diploma as a great opportunity to develop valuable skills to excel in his current role and to pave the way for his future career in the data-rich insurance industry. 

Having worked at LV= GI for more than ten years, Craig explained how big data has changed the sector. “When I started working in insurance, there was limited data. We only had access to one-way data such as sales figures and claims. Over the years, that has been transformed by the availability of data enrichments from third parties. My interest in data science has grown with that evolution. 

Prior to the course, Craig taught himself some SQL and had access to reporting tools. He was keen to develop the skills that would enable him to make better use of data to improve the business and says the course aligns with his career plans. 

  • The course has reduced Craig’s reliance on LV= GI’s specialist Management Information (MI) team, which not only minimises the burden on the MI team, but has had a positive impact on the quality of the data he is able to collate and analyse. I was always curious about the data and I was always asking more questions; wanting to dig deeper. With the data skills I now have, I am more self-sufficient. I can go and get the data, investigate, adjust the parameters and come up with proposals.”
  • New Python coding skills have enabled Craig to analyse many millions of quotes, moving away from the limitations of SQL and excel. “Python was new to me and I’m already using it to efficiently analyse the data and convert it into a readable output.
  • Craig is now working more efficiently with the data science team, using linear and logistic regression tools. “I’m really enjoying working closely with the talented data science experts within LV= GI. As a result of my skills development, I now sit as a bridge between the data science community and the underwriting teams.”
  • Quality data for his team, delivered at speedCraig’s wider team now come to him if they want data rather than adding their requests to someone else’s stack. “The quality of data I am able to give them is significantly improved and I’m able to provide it quicker than if they were to rely on other teams to provide it. 

Craig is really looking forward to the remaining elements of the course, including the unit on data visualisation which he anticipates will be incredibly useful in helping him communicate with and influence others around his findings and recommendations.  

He highly recommends the programme to others at LV= GI, “No matter what level you’re at as a starting point is you’ll benefit from this course. The Corndel Professional Development Experts will get you up to speed and support you one-to-one throughoutWhat they will teach you in terms of coding, analysis and presenting your results all amounts to fantastic business skills that can be used again and again within your career.” 

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