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Late deliveries – a thing of the past for Wincanton

18 February 2020 by Isla Lightfoot

Jade Wrest, team manager at Wincanton, identified that the methods for recording and analysing late deliveries within her organisation could be improved. She focused on this challenge for her work-based project – the final project that learners complete on the Corndel Diploma in Management. Using the frameworks and new skills Jade learnt on her Diploma, she tasked herself with an objective to understand and improve the delivery schedule.

Late deliveries were recorded and circulated to key stakeholders on a regular basis, but the information wasn’t easily digestible. There was little analysis done as to the reasons why and subsequent improvement recommendations.

Jade met with the Transport Manager to understand the issues and set about creating a way to track trends within data. Initially she looked at three months-worth of data to track consistencies and then investigated the reasons for trends. She found there were some valid and easily remediable reasons for lateness, such as time restrictions on the first drop of the day, which set everything else out, so she worked with the Planning Department to reschedule these.

“The project took on a life of its own. Initially I built a basic excel spreadsheet to analyse the data, but as the business saw the benefit of doing this, my team helped to build it into a sophisticated data reporting tool, with visual and tabular presentation of data and records of findings. Data can be pulled in real-time and easily extracted. The reports it generates are perfect for time-poor executives and feedback is that they are highly digestible and very professional.”, explains Jade.

As a consequence of Jade’s project, deliveries are very rarely late at Wincanton and schedule adherence targets are largely met. The approach to reporting has been rolled-out across the organisation and is now the standard way of reporting. A hugely positive indirect consequence of Jade’s project was the behavioural change throughout the department. “Once the team understood how we could make improvements, our culture transformed into a ‘we can do this better’ approach. I got tremendous support and feedback from my colleagues and line managers. My PDE, Bobbie, inspired and supported me through this project. She gave me the confidence to see this through.”

Awareness and ownership of KPIs has increased across the organisation, from the drivers through to the transport office and execs. Meeting targets is now celebrated across the organisation, rather than a select group. Everyone is aware of their contribution and how they can make differences. Over Christmas – the busiest time, all KPIs were met and celebrated. “Involving people in what we are striving towards has always been the goal at Wincanton and my project has definitely contributed to this. As a young woman in the transport industry, I wanted to make my mark. This project and the Diploma in general has definitely enabled me to do this.”

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