2022 Workplace Training: Using the Apprenticeship Levy to achieve Strategic Objectives

20 September 2021

Organisations today are undergoing rapid transformation: shifts towards digitalisation, changes in customer expectations and a greater focus on diversity. As a result, they are seeking to ensure that their strategic focus is aligned to this pace of change.

At the heart of this is an organisation’s workforce – the driving power behind any successful strategy. Corndel works in partnership with the UK’s leading FTSE 100 companies. Through desk-based research with our client base, we have identified four key strategic priorities that organisations are addressing.

This report outlines these challenges, and includes case studies to illustrate how leading companies are upskilling and developing employees to drive organisational value and meet key business objectives. The Open University shows that 66% of organisations say apprenticeships have enabled their businesses to bounce back from the economic fall-out of the pandemic more quickly. Businesses are re-establishing themselves in the post-pandemic landscape through fostering a culture of lifelong learning.

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