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Future-proofing your workforce with the skill of the century

14 February 2018 by Isla Lightfoot

By 2025, data analytics skills will be as important to everyday working life as functional Microsoft Office skills are today. People in virtually every role and function in every industry will need to have a functional level of skill in handling, analysing and presenting data.

We are increasingly faced with data in all walks of life - from wearable technology telling us about our fitness and sleep patterns through to receiving personalised music recommendations on our mobile phones
It is becoming increasingly ubiquitous in our professional lives too, where increasing use of numerous cloud-based software packages, connected devices such as sensors on machinery or in vehicles all means that there is an explosion of data available to virtually every business function.

For example, sales and marketing teams have already been revolutionised. Data is revealing unparalleled levels of customer insights based on actual customer behaviour monitored through website traffic, email opens etc., enabling more personalised marketing and better conversion rates.

Similarly, operational teams are getting a more granular understanding of performance in real-time through automated reports and dashboards, and HR teams are using data analytics to eliminate unconscious bias in their recruitment and even predict which employees are most likely to leave to inform talent management.

All of this opportunity means organisations from every sector are increasingly requiring data analytics skills in non-technical roles. Last year, findings published by PWC in the US indicated that data analytics skills would be a minimum requirement for at least 50% of managers in Finance, Marketing & Sales, Operations and Executive leadership roles by 2020. Clearly, having functional data analytics skills is already becoming an essential part of career progression.

The challenge is that this is a skill set where demand already outstrips supply- so how can organisations prepare for the not-too-distant future where these skills are essential across the workforce?

The Apprenticeship Levy provides an opportunity to create specialist programmes that develop data skills amongst the existing workforce. This allows those already operating in Finance, Sales & Marketing, HR etc. to complement their expertise with the technical skills to deliver meaningful insights from organisational data.

Corndel has partnered with digital education experts Decoded to create the Data Fellowship. We've designed the Data Fellowship to enable organisations to upskill their workforce with the core competency of the 21st century, and do so fully-funded through the Apprenticeship Levy.

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