Corndel Lifelong Learning Week Taster Session: Introduction to Power BI

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Join us for a 60-minute ‘lunch and learn’ session exploring Microsoft’s Power BI tool; and see for yourself how it can transform your team’s performance. There are no managers or leaders untouched by digital transformation. How you encourage and support your team to use data efficiently will have a direct impact on your collective performance.

The problem is that only 20% of us feel confident working with data, with more than a third seeking alternative methods to complete tasks without using data*. Through Corndel’s work in teaching the Data Professional apprenticeship programme, we’ve got the proof that a little knowledge can go a long way.

There are some fantastic tools out there to help individuals and teams work more efficiently, create immersive dashboards and use data to share, influence and tell stories that shape business decisions. Power BI is one such tool that is readily available in most organisations.

We’d like to show you some of the wonderful things you and your team can achieve with a bit of know-how and just a few clicks.

We’re offering this free workshop as part of the Learning & Work Institute’s #Lifelong Learning Week and are excited to have Lisa Harty and Josh Igoe, two of our data skills coaches, deliver the session.

Join us on Tuesday 9 November at 12pm for some game-changing practical Power BI skills!