National Apprenticeship Week Virtual Workshop

Who You Are is How You Lead Find Out How to Be More Intentional with How You Show Up as a Leader

Wednesday February 7th 2024, 13:00 — Wednesday February 7th 2024, 14:00
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The Workshop

In this workshop-style session, you will have time and space to come off autopilot and think about how you want to show up as a leader, what could help you to do that, and what might be holding you back.

Perfect for anyone who wants to become more intentional about leading others or wants to explore why they might not be having the impact they intend.


Meet the speakers

We are pleased to announce the line up of expert speakers for our upcoming event. These industry leaders bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, and we are excited to have them share their insights with our audience.

Teresea Roberts
Director and Executive Coach, Corndel – Custom Solutions
Samantha Taylor
Director and Executive Coach, Corndel – Custom Solutions
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