National Apprenticeship Week Virtual Workshop

Energy Intelligence: Working with Your Body and Brain for Peak Performance

Thursday February 8th 2024, 13:00 — Thursday February 8th 2024, 14:00
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The Workshop

In this session, attendees will explore the concept of energy intelligence, focusing on optimizing physical and mental wellness for peak professional performance. The event covers techniques for managing stress, improving focus, and balancing work-life demands.

It’s tailored for individuals seeking to maximize their productivity by understanding and aligning with their body’s and brain’s natural rhythms.


Meet the Speaker

Rajesh Gorsia – Leadership Coach, Corndel

Rajesh is an experienced business intelligence consultant, having previously worked with the CxO levels at the likes of EY, BskyB and Talktalk, he eventually put his focused towards the transformation of people.

This led him toward taking neuroscience based somatic training, health and performance personal training, training as an ICF certified transformational coach, delivering over 750+ hours of impact to his private clients, leading workshops on the topics of energy mastery, presence, voice confidence and flow based success.