Join Imperial College London & Corndel at an exclusive roundtable:

Driving Digital Transformation in the NHS

Join us for an engaging roundtable discussion on how NHS leaders can leverage technological innovations and manage the human aspects of change. We'll explore going beyond stakeholder and staff engagement to achieve meaningful involvement and true-to-need deliverables, while harnessing the Apprenticeship Levy to drive digital transformation in the NHS.

⏰ Tuesday, 16th July 2024, 12:00-13:30
📍 Virtual roundtable

Join us at an exclusive


The need for digital transformation within the NHS has never been greater, and so have the opportunities brought by step changes in technologies. By using data, digitising processes, and investing in enabling technologies, there is substantial potential to optimise resources, increase efficiency, and ultimately improve patient care and outcomes.

Our roundtable will focus on how NHS Leaders can leverage technological innovations while managing the human aspects of change: how to go beyond stakeholder and staff engagement to meaningful involvement so that deliverables remain true to needs.

Meet your host

We are pleased to have this session led by Dr Dimitri Varsamis, Public Health Care Director at UiPath and former Head of Digital Innovation Delivery and Senior Policy Lead for Digital Primary Care at NHS England.


Join fellow

NHS Digital Leaders to:

Discuss key challenges and opportunities in implementing digital strategies in the NHS: how to balance bottom-up energy for the art of the possible with top-down requirements for standardised delivery and ensure both thrive.

Exchange insights and strategies for effective digital transformation: how do you avoid piece meal digitisation that builds technical debt and complexity?

Understand how fellow NHS Leaders are making the most of incremental use of the latest technologies (AI, Automation, Cloud) and build confidence.

Identify essential skills for driving digital change within the NHS: how to move beyond silos and create professionals and teams that thrive bringing together business change, quality improvement, operational management, financial analysis and more