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Digging deeper into digital marketing through the Data Analytics Diploma

17 July 2020 by Heidi Marshall

Olivia Tildesley is a CRM Content Marketing Executive at luxury online retailer, NET-A-PORTER. Her team is responsible for email communications to the customer base and Olivia’s role is focused on content strategy and analysis.

Olivia and her team already work closely with Analytics team colleagues and so joining the Corndel Data Analytics Apprenticeship seemed like a natural career development opportunity. She explains, ‘I’d always wanted to do something like this. I needed it in order to get the skills necessary to further my career in digital marketing. I see it as a way to future-proof my career in a world where analytical skills are a must-have, not a nice-to-have.

Olivia is applying her new data analytics skills in a number of ways:

  • Almost immediately, the course shifted Olivia’s mindset around making data-driven decisions. She says, ‘it’s made me more inquisitive and proactive; and I now naturally dig deeper when working with data. For example, the monthly reviews for our channel now go much deeper than they used to, and that valuable insight has caught the attention of senior leaders.’
  • Olivia has been applying her skills on a copy analysis project, working more closely with other digital marketing teams such as Copy and Design. Being able to do more detailed analysis and share findings with colleagues is enabling Olivia and her manager to kick start some ambitious new strategies.
  • Olivia’s advanced analytics project analyses how the frequency of emails to the customer database affects engagement. It’s a major project, the results of which will have an impact on the wider digital marketing team. Senior managers see it as an opportunity to get valuable business insights and Olivia is collaborating with them to ensure the project answers a variety of business insight questions.

Supported by her Professional Development Expert coach, data scientist Lynette Robertson, the 18-month course has given Olivia stability and purpose during the challenges of Covid-19. Learning how to code and to approach her role with a new data-driven lens is reassuring her of the value she can bring to her role and the team.

Olivia would highly recommend the Corndel programme to others and highlights how data literacy is critical across the NET-A-PORTER business – from merchandising to fashion; enabling collaborative data-driven decision making and easing pressure on data analytics teams.

Chief Data & Analytics Officer at YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP, Alessia Kosagowsky, commented: “Delighted to hear about the great work our Data Analytics apprentices are doing and how new data skills are already being put into practice. YOOX NET-A-PORTER is committed to building a data-driven culture and Corndel has been pivotal in enabling us to align the investment of our Apprenticeship Levy with this important strategic objective.”

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