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Developing Future Leaders at Cadent Gas

22 March 2021 by Heidi Marshall

Cadent Gas firmly believes in developing and investing in talent. They are committed to supporting all of their staff to gain the very best skills, behaviours and experience. One course helping us to achieve this is the Team Leader Apprenticeship programme delivered by Corndel.

The Team Leadership Programme is a 12-month course that enables learners to earn an industry recognised management qualification. This year, Cadent Gas has given 40 employees the chance to join the Team Leader Apprenticeship programme and gain an industry recognised management qualification. In May 2021, a further 20 will join the programme.

The course is designed and delivered by Corndel, with the majority of students from the most recent cohort passing with a distinction.

James Harding, Lead Professional Development Expert at Corndel said, “I had the pleasure of working on a one-to-one and on a group basis with several Cadent Gas learners throughout their 13-month programme.

“My role is to help each learner progress through the programme and most importantly, guide them in finding opportunities to put the new management and leadership approaches, tools and theories into practice in their day-to-day work. They joined the qualification a few months before lockdown so almost their entire time on programme was spent working remotely and each learner had to adapt to a brand-new way of working; tackling each new challenge they faced.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with each learner at Cadent Gas and I am lucky to still be able to do so as I have recently begun supporting a new cohort of learners who started their journey in January 2021. I am confident that with the support of myself and Cadent Gas, this new cohort will flourish just as successfully as previous cohort.”

Hannah Dakin-Stevens is one of the students who took part in the course. Recently graduating with a Distinction, while on programme she was promoted from Team Leader to Asset Update Specialist. Hannah now has responsibility for a team of 24 and credits the course with helping to shape her career development and journey to becoming a confident leader. Hannah said, “The programme covers all the key skills you will need to feel confident as a people manager, I’m now confident in dealing with the difficult conversations and situations that inevitably arise in a management role.

“The course is all about practical application of what you learn. It forces you to source opportunities to practice – from giving feedback and managing performance, to problem-solving and leading projects.”

Course participants are given their own Professional Development Expert coach and will have monthly one-to- one’s as a minimum. Participants on the programme are also supported by their Cadent line manager.

Hannah added, “Your Professional Development Expert coach is always there to keep you on track and provide you with personalised advice, tips and hints for your coursework and day-to-day role. My coach James was extremely supportive and I’m grateful for the support of my Line Manager and Department Manager who allowed me valuable uninterrupted time to study. “

Cadent Training lead Emma Scargill is also a student on the programme: 

“Working with Corndel over the last year to complete a Level 3 Management and Leadership diploma has been fantastic and I am so glad I signed up.  Whilst any qualification requires hard work and commitment, I can truly say from experience that the expertise and support provided by Corndel’s professional team has made my learning journey free from stress and worry.

“My tutor has the most wonderful way of making you feel that you are his only student.  I would highly recommend Corndel to all future learners, having completed 3 other diplomas previously with other companies this has been by far the best experience.”

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