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Corndel, Mumsnet Parent Returners programme – looking back

10 February 2021 by Heidi Marshall

Returning to work after a prolonged period of leave is daunting and many parents report feeling ill-equipped to manage the balance of home and working life and lack confidence in the workplace. 

We believe it’s important to recognise these feelings among parent returners and to offer tailored development to help them to continue along their career path. 

“Navigating a system that was not designed for career paths that balance work with family can easily feel like a mission-practically-impossible even in the best of times.” HBR, 2020

We spoke to Kate Edgecombe, New Product Development Manager at Compass Group, who was offered a place on the Mumsnet/Corndel Leadership Accelerator Programme in 2019. She has since passed with a Distinction and is keen for others to experience the same level of personalised leadership support. 

Kate Edgecombe, New Product Development Manager at Compass Group 

The structure of this course was perfect for a part-time working mum! It was great to have bite-size manageable modules covering personal and professional development; managing your team; data, information and decision making; project management; and departmental planning to drive performance. For me, the project management module had been particularly useful in my role as it’s currently very project based. 

The content was very relevant to my current position and has not only set me up well for future roles, but has given me new approaches and tools to share with my team. 

The programme combines Leadership training with masterclasses on key topics identified by Mumsnet users, such as stress management and finding a balance.  

I found those Masterclasses particularly useful. They were a great opportunity to have some coaching and reflect on my style of management and leadership whilst interacting with other members of the course. We covered: 

  • Authentic leadership 
  • Effective stress management 
  • Finding balance 
  • Effective networking 
  • Influencing skills 
  • Navigating office politics 

Following the course, I am trying to drive a feedback culture in the business, which I’m confident will have long-term benefits for the team. I really valued the time out from the day job to focus on my own development, recognising – at a critical point in my life and career – that learning is continuous. 

As a result of this Mumsnet Parent Returner programme, Corndel consistently sees: 

  • Increased confidence from personalised one-to-one coaching, especially after periods of absence. 
  • An easier integration for learners back into the company and their role, with much greater chance of success. 
  • Positive employee response to significant employer investment in their career and development.  

To request more information about setting up this Apprenticeship Levy funded programme, please get in touch today. 

To request more information about setting up this Apprenticeship Levy funded programme, please get in touch today
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