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Corndel in partnership with Policy Connect to promote better policy making on data analytics

18 May 2020 by Heidi Marshall

We are pleased to announce a new partnership between Corndel and not-for-profit, cross-party think tank, Policy Connect. Our Digital Team looks forward to participating in the activities of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Data Analytics (APGDA) – a linchpin of policy making on big data and data analytics.

The APGDA was established in 2016 by Policy Connect and is chaired by Daniel Zeichner MP. The Group includes a range of senior members of the House of Commons and House of Lords as parliamentary members, as well as a range of organisations from across the data and digital sectors, academia, and charitable bodies.

There are three pillars to the group.

• First, what can be done to help UK business prosper, aid investment decisions and define the boundaries of competition.
• Second, to inform and empower the public on the collection and use of personal data, so they are willing participants in the new age.
• Third, to develop a world class education division to deliver a skills base to give the UK a leading role in the worldwide use and exploitation of data.

The Group also leads on original research to place data analytics in a policy context. In May 2019, the APGDA published Trust, Transparency and Tech, a landmark report looking calling for a new settlement between the citizen and all those who provide public services, both public and private bodies, with a state licence to operate to clarify the relationship between private and public bodies using personal data.

Over the coming months, we will be collaborating on a range of further work into data ethics, including a research programme with Manchester Metropolitan University on the case for local data codes of ethics, the uses of AI and machine learning in the financial services, and how data is helping to manage the response to COVID-19.

Corndel’s contribution will be underpinned by our work in equipping professionals from across industries with the practical skills to manipulate, analyse and present insights from organisation data. This has led to better decision making, faster responses to market trends and more accurate prediction of demand, costs and revenue.

You can learn more about the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Data Analytics (APGDA) here.

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