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Game-changing professional development for people at the start of their careers.
The Corndel Business Associate Diploma provides early careers talent with the business-critical skills needed to deliver impact in their current roles whilst cultivating an entrepreneurial, dynamic and diverse next generation of leaders.
Award-winning delivery
Curriculum delivered through one-to-one coaching, group workshops and guided self-learning.
Expert tuition
Each business associate will be paired with an experienced coach to develop their knowledge and skills.
Brilliant content
Brand-new content designed for post-pandemic ways of working.
Attract young talent
Engage and retain brilliant young talent and develop a talent pipeline fit for the future.


Recognised professional qualification

The Corndel Futures Business Associate Diploma is accredited by the CMI and all learners will be awarded a Level 3 Business Administration Associate Diploma upon completion of the course.

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Nurturing young talent 

The Corndel Futures Business Associate Diploma lasts 13 months during which participants will develop new skills and put them into practice in their day-to-day work.

The programme builds learning communities, emphasising small-group work designed to create a dynamic, engaging and social learning environment.

Learners also benefit from one-to-one coaching and access to the best available digital learning tools, meeting expectations of the most demanding digital native.

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What the programme covers

Six units covering modern business fundamentals

The Corndel Business Associate Diploma comprises six units that cover an in-depth look at modern business fundamentals.

1. Ongoing and professional development
Emotional intelligence and
building resilience,
Personal SWOT,
Setting SMART goals,
Personal development plans
2. Managing Projects
PASS framework,
 Building your business case,
Identifying stakeholders
and risks,
Decision matrix

3. Communication and Collaboration
Collaboration and teamwork,
Customer service and
 Giving feedback,
Effective meetings
4. Digital and Data
Managing data and GDPR,
Analysing and
interpreting data,
Presenting information,
Email management
5. Legal and Organisation
Understanding the law,
Your legal duties,
 Business documentation,
Change management
6. Business Foundations
Organisational structure
and strategy,
Business fundamentals,
Sales and marketing
 Identifying competition,


Making a difference to learners

jay-lewis illingworth, capita

‘The biggest thing I have learnt is in how to adapt to different situations in a mature and professional manner, how to overcome different challenges in respect of unconscious bias towards myself and my age. Ultimately I have learned how to stretch myself as much as possible. ”

Our coaches

One-to-one coaching throughout the programme

Our Professional Development Expert coaches are experienced business professionals who have a background in working with people in the early stages of their careers.
Our people

The Levy

Investing in new skills

Corndel Futures’ Business Associate programme aligns with the Level 3 Business Administrator apprenticeship standard.

This means you can use your Apprenticeship Levy to invest in creating your next generation of business leaders.

Corndel is regulated by the Education and Skills Funding Agency and Ofsted.